i can't wait!

well, it’s technically 130am on thursday, which means i should get to see ben tomorrow… that’s if they don’t do anything stupid to get confined until saturday and if nothing changes…

this is another “excerpt” from my interview with Penny’s Day Book…

thanks Adine for doing up our “love story” so thoughtfully… :)

next week should be a good week. ben said they’ll be booking out on wednesday cos thursday they apparently get off-in-lieu, and friday is a public holiday? i’ve completely lost track of public holidays really… but i’m glad! last week was so hectic, we barely got to spend proper time together… so next week should be good! i suddenly feel like going bowling… hmmmm, maybe we could go with his bunk mates… i should ask tomorrow!

speaking of which, apparently his bunk mates still think i’m ben’s sister… i’m sure they’re just messing around but, for the record, i’m not ben’s sister! ppffft.

to bed by 2am today, that’s my aim. oh shoots, that’s in 20 mins!

…exactly 3 weeks to POP! (what to wear???)

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