gosh, it seems like just yesterday i was prancing around in an outfit made up of shuttlecocks… which reminds me, i have yet to blog about my first ever halloween! anyhoos, first things first.

Samantha, here are photos of your custom orders! =)

…Cos Zizie ♥s pandas like me!

this design is quite the hottie. the original one had “eat me” or “drink me” written on the heart… think alice in wonderland…

( you can see them here )

this filigree ring is customisable at just $14. more color combinations are available upon request so just ask! =)

this funny MoUSTACHE ring was customised for justine =)

however, i do have plans to make this available for sale at $8 each. =)

So I had a little “accident” yesterday evening… I was itching to needle-felt cos I haven’t needle-felted anything in awhile. But like 2 minutes into it, I stabbed the barbed needle right through my FINGER NAIL, and into my finger. Can’t really see clearly from the photo tho cos my nails are like hot pink with teal polka dots. Yeaaa i thought my nails were really cool until this happened. =(

hope this doesn’t gross everyone out too much… it hurt really bad for about an hour. when i got the needle out my head was spinning like crazy! Could have hit some nerve in my finger cos it definitely felt like the worst needle stab EVER! I’ve been getting nagged at for not being careful and for being accident prone. It’s just me, really. :/

yup… and since i painted my nails pink and teal, i’ve been hopelessly obsessed with the two colors… soooo, expect lots of new accessories that revolve around that theme! Laterrrssss! =)

♥ jean

Triple Trouble!

I’ve been meaning to change the blog header for some time now, but i just haven’t had the time or brain juice to do it the past couple of weeks… today i decided i was gonna sit down and squeeze something out… and ended up being really undecided between these 3 designs…

the first… i came to the conclusion it was way too narcissistic for my own liking…

the second… which is what i’m using now!

but yea i just had to move the photos around and got this 3rd one, which april says “the panda is in a weird position”

thoughts anyone? should i stick to the 2nd design? or should i tweak it still? i’m seriously killing lots of brain cells doing this! lol!

all photos used were taken by Neng. except for Po’s which was from photobooth…

♥ jean


meet my latest muse!!

i got the beads imported all they way from the UK, cos it’s almost impossible to find the mini size here in singapore…. i tried looking all over but no store sells them!

over the past week i’ve been wrecking my brains and getting frustrated everytime i accidentally “spill” the beads. trust me, these 2.5mm beads are not exactly child’s play… putting them together is a really grueling process! (which i totally enjoy! weird, i know.)

okay enough whining, here’s what i’ve completed so far! :)

i won’t be able to add them to the store until at least tomorrow or friday, so i’ve just added them to the FACEBOOK GROUP. and they’ve already been priced for sale, so if you’d like to purchase just drop me an email / message / comment!

i gotta run soon, so much happening today!

ps : if you haven’t already heard, Orchard Road was flooded this morning! I sure hope the situation has gotten better!

"the alcoholic duo"

another pair of couple keyrings, this pair is for Janice and her hubby!

the “his” keyring is the same as one i made for ben last year… last year? yea i think so. haha

ps : please note that remakes for anything with beer bottlecaps will only be available as and when we drink :)

love, jean

i'm feeling…

too tired to blog.

it’s 209am and i’m just about on the verge of leaning backwards and falling onto my bed and just totally crashing.

but wait, po has something to show off…

Photo 254

my new pair of “geek specs”! isn’t po just adorable?

i bought it at far east that day with ben… oh wait till you see his. LOL

oh well, have to run down to funan later in the day to get windows installed on my mac, then hopefully by tomorrow i can have yahoo sitebuilder running on my mac and i can start updating the totally un-updated stocks. hate it when technology isn’t on my side.

i also need to major de-stash my wardrobe. i have tons and tons of new pieces that i have not worn at all! from shoots and all… ugh, so much to do so little time. and it’s already tuesday. i feel so unproductive. on one hand it’s good that time flies cos it means i get to see ben soon, but then again, i don’t seem to be getting anything done these days… how come!!?!?

i’ll go think about that as i lie in bed. maybe for a minute, if i don’t crash in the next 30 seconds, that is.

…23 days to POP!


life in pixels – updated! 8/9


ray ban wayfarer pins! $6 each


panda pins!

sleepy panda (left) measures 6.9cm x 6.4cm – S$7

wide-eyed panda (right) measures 6.4cm x 5cm – S$6

get a set of both for S$12!

IMG_8797 IMG_8808

pacman is back. now in many more colors!

i’m moving him back into the store from the sale section… he got quite popular while he was there, you see.

get a single pacman necklace for $10, and then buy add ons for $7 each!

which means, you can wear a different color pacman everyday! just interchange them! :)

each pacman pendant measures 5.9cm x 5.9cm

IMG_8812 IMG_8811

and they get cuter…

pacman earrings! $5 per side!

pick a color, or two, or three, or just get them all!

these little guys measure 3.5cm x 4cm


feelin’ blue?

pacman pin (left) S$5 each

same size as the earrings


and not forgetting the pacman rings i blogged about a few posts ago… available in the same colors as the above,

color recap : red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple. did i miss any?

the pacman ring is $6 each

and since the ninja is in the picture, why not just grab him too!

ninjaaa S$12

the ninja measures 5cm x 5.8cm and is strung on a 28 inch black chain

. . .

…living life in pixels is pretty geeky, i like.


ff ♥'s you, we ♥ fredflare too!




i so love this watch! it tells me the time in japanese!

i even took a video… it’s so cute, it’s my new muse! : )

and now for more yummy yummies!


♥ my yummy candy lippies!


from left : po, tommy, larlar

have you ever seen stuffed toys that look this cool?


and with that, i declare myself a full-fledged panda fan :)


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