Rainy Mondays…

don’t they always get you down?

i was working on some stuff over the weekend, hope this lot will add a little cheer to the gloomy monday!

remake of summer trio and c’est la vie rings for Irene :)

and these two were quite the challenge! cos i haven’t been needle felting for awhile, was really worried i would needle stab my fingers. surprisingly, i didn’t!

a teal pacman ring and a color block glee ring for Safiah :)

hope it’s what you had in mind hun!

anyhooooos, guess everyone is dead tired from the weekend, i know i am… had a really impromptu bbq with half of the 1 or 8 last night and got thrown into the pool (AS USUAL!) and the food was really amazing! speaking of food, i just remembered i’ve been to tons of new places and yet haven’t had time to share my food finds. let’s keep our fingers crossed that i’ll have time to sit down and catch up with my blog this week.

remember to bring a brolly wherever you go this week! i reckon the wet weather is here to stay for abit!

♥ jean

midweek this and that

top : “Princess Sara” ring customised for Alynna as a gift for Sara

bottom left : “me want cookie” and “elmo loves you” hand-drawn earstuds remade for Michelle

bottom right : “C’est La Vie” bottlecap ring customised for Elaine with pink fonts

so the OUI OU NON & JE T’AIME charms arrived from the USA on saturday, and i’ve been busy catching up on the preorders, putting the necklaces together, packing them and mailing them out…

i still have one last OUI OU NON necklace available in stock, so grab it while you can!

in this photo : new pacman necklace in the works, Elaine’s C’est La Vie ring before being attached to the ring base and Hannah’s I bleed for Chanel necklace before being put on a chain!

and look who’s having fun with pacman…

It’s Po! :)

i think Po makes quite an adorable necklace model… what do you think?

anyway i was working on a couple of new fun pieces this week… here’s some of them! some are already up on the website, i know i’ve been a little slow in adding new items this week… but i will get everything done soon enough! (i hope)

just added new bracelets!

miss sophisticated and jetsetting with tiny teddy were previously sold out, but they’re now back! in limited quantities! so don’t let them slip away!

lots of prices reduced!

click on the image above to check them out!


life in pixels – updated! 8/9


ray ban wayfarer pins! $6 each


panda pins!

sleepy panda (left) measures 6.9cm x 6.4cm – S$7

wide-eyed panda (right) measures 6.4cm x 5cm – S$6

get a set of both for S$12!

IMG_8797 IMG_8808

pacman is back. now in many more colors!

i’m moving him back into the store from the sale section… he got quite popular while he was there, you see.

get a single pacman necklace for $10, and then buy add ons for $7 each!

which means, you can wear a different color pacman everyday! just interchange them! :)

each pacman pendant measures 5.9cm x 5.9cm

IMG_8812 IMG_8811

and they get cuter…

pacman earrings! $5 per side!

pick a color, or two, or three, or just get them all!

these little guys measure 3.5cm x 4cm


feelin’ blue?

pacman pin (left) S$5 each

same size as the earrings


and not forgetting the pacman rings i blogged about a few posts ago… available in the same colors as the above,

color recap : red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple. did i miss any?

the pacman ring is $6 each

and since the ninja is in the picture, why not just grab him too!

ninjaaa S$12

the ninja measures 5cm x 5.8cm and is strung on a 28 inch black chain

. . .

…living life in pixels is pretty geeky, i like.


what happens when fatigue gets the best of you?


…i know for sure it makes me totally looney

to the point that i made those geek specs with perler beads… yes, the pacman ring, the ninja necklace, the panda pin… all these will be for sale. SOON.

i’m contemplating using them for TCL’s shoot later today… Neng tells me we have new lights in the studio. 7 in total now. sauna ahead…

nighty night people.

i have a mad week ahead and the clock is ticking; and we’re fast running out of time.

♥ xoxo ♥

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