Minions on the loose!

Minion spotted in the garden!


This is a garden themed pen holder that doubles up as a trinket/jewellery holder I customised for Calista for gifting. Decorated with crochet flowers, a butterfly and a juicy pink strawberry!

A great way to brighten up any office desk or vanity table!

minionholderThe medium sized minion can be ordered (here) and the “Okay? Okay.” earstuds can be ordered (here)


The Minion is removable to be enjoyed as a plush, so these guys took their turns with garden duty!

I made Carl without a pattern and it took a bit of figuring out but I absolutely love how he turned out! Bee do bee do bee do! (Carl is not for sale though.)

This owl will be listed for sale separately! Hoot hoot!

PS: I am trying out Shopify’s two week trial since I am unable to manage the current store on Yahoo due to technical incompatibilities, and will update again if that goes well.

If you’d like a custom order of something similar, feel free to drop me an email at as may possibly be terminated if/when I move over to Shopify. I might be able to reinstate it but you can always reach me on Gmail! :)

Meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone! xx

A Week into 2011.

( Hard Rock Cafe on NYE 2010 )

A whole week has passed, and yes I still feel somewhat “stuck” in 2010. I don’t know what it is but some part of me still feels really unsettled. A week into 2011, I’m still trying to sink into the reality that I have to wake up and work and that the festivities are long over. No more parties and late nights. Come to think of it, I didn’t even club in December due to the passing of my aunt, and I don’t intend to be very much of a party animal this year… There’s just too much I need to achieve this year.

I’ve been hooked on movies in bed the past week, especially nights when I simply can’t fall asleep. On impulse I signed up for a 3 months subscription with Megavideo, only to realise it’s pretty tough to find full movies… Maybe I just have weird movie picks.

Was going through my stuff and found my braided headbands… I went out like this yesterday and went my dad saw me it’s as if he didn’t recognise me. Is it that bad? It kinda gives me a headache tho, like my blood supply is getting cut off or something. I have weird issues.

And if you’ve realised, I haven’t posted much updates on customisations I’ve done in the past month… cos…. I put them all on Facebook! I’m using a new page to organise the product albums, the previous group page had photos lumped altogether into one album… This one’s way neater!

I try to update items daily once they’re done, so go check it out! You’ll see new stuff I’m working on like this little fella! He’s already found a home with my neighbour Gen :)

I’m home on a Friday night, how grand. Figured I should stay in and get some work and blogging done instead of partying with a threatening sore throat. I had way too much Ruffles the other day. The things you enjoy aren’t always worth it! :/

Later ya’ll.. ♥ jean


Animal Instincts

so i wasn’t spared from catching the flu bug this time, but it’s getting better, and the fever’s gone (for now) i hope it stays gone and never comes back! back to business, new iphone cosies!

the little piggie is for Evangeline, and the owl is up for grabs at $26 :)

love, jean

omg it's working!

i was getting fed up that my photo uploads keep failing so keep on trying! and it finally worked! yay! design updates people! :)


new + exclusive! hooter’s garden $28
a whole lot of pretty florals to go! very vintage!


new + exclusive! itadakimasu! $26
duper cute japanese dining charms and a hand drawn tag with “itadakimasu” on it. it means, “let’s eat!”


this one i haven’t put up yet! wait and see!

go shop for more bracelets :

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