strawberries vs melons.

new (noob) nail art.

…i can’t quite decide if they’re strawberries or watermelons.. but then again, who cares right? lol. i’m not usually a nail art person… i do french manis myself too but these days, if i have time to repaint my nails every week it’s already an achievement. i just got really bored that day…

anyhoos, have a fab week everyone! i’m strapped into position and ready to launch into a mad a** week ahead. so many of my friends are back in town, which can only mean one thing, endless parties. let’s see how work and parties balance out this week. i sure hope i can collect my passport this week so everyone can gawk at my ugly photo… :/


OH my melons!

the heat today was a total brain cell killer… hot weather, made me think of watermelons… i was feeling a little restless so, inspired by that thought i decided to try something fun!

they actually kinda look like strawberries too? :/

i got my opi polishes from gmarket last month, including the opi black shatter! it’s major fun in a bottle! well, looks like the weather is really heating up… stay hydrated ya’ll!

♥ jean

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