meet my latest muse!!

i got the beads imported all they way from the UK, cos it’s almost impossible to find the mini size here in singapore…. i tried looking all over but no store sells them!

over the past week i’ve been wrecking my brains and getting frustrated everytime i accidentally “spill” the beads. trust me, these 2.5mm beads are not exactly child’s play… putting them together is a really grueling process! (which i totally enjoy! weird, i know.)

okay enough whining, here’s what i’ve completed so far! :)

i won’t be able to add them to the store until at least tomorrow or friday, so i’ve just added them to the FACEBOOK GROUP. and they’ve already been priced for sale, so if you’d like to purchase just drop me an email / message / comment!

i gotta run soon, so much happening today!

ps : if you haven’t already heard, Orchard Road was flooded this morning! I sure hope the situation has gotten better!

too cute for words..


it’s now 215am, i know i’m nuts to still be sewing at this time but ben’s spinning at OBAR right now and i have to keep myself occupied!

i just finished the camera one, did the onigiri one while i was watching harry potter on channel 5!

(see the pink cheeks i gave my onigiri? that’s real blusher!)

anyway, these are both card cases! they’ll fit a ton of cards or an ipod nano, or most music players i guess?

i must be getting readdicted to sewing, it’s fun and although getting the measurements right and cutting out individual shape templates for each design can be quite tedious… i look at the final product and feel it’s well worth it! :)

i feel quite satisfied now so i’ll probably get ready for bed… ben doesn’t get off work till 4am! and i bet he’s gonna have supper before he even goes home. more like breakfast really.

ps : the card cases are for sale, i just haven’t priced them yet… tomorrow! maybe. my brain is just shutting down very rapidly right now.

goodnight all! have a great sunday ahead! :)


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