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Wikipedia: “Needle Felting is a popular fiber arts craft conducted without the use of water. Special barbed felting needles that are used in industrial felting machines are used by the artist as a sculpting tool.”

Combine needle felting + lots of love…

And you get… The Fuzzy Wuzzies! That’s what I call them anyway, cos they fuzzy and cute like that. I like making them quite tiny, so you can carry them in your pocket as fuzzy wuzzy pets! They don’t need to be fed, but they guarantee a smile everytime! :)


both pandas already sold, olly the owl ring $18 (right) is available.

A remake of Lola the bunny ring $22, she’s quite popular around here; photographed with the black blooms earstuds $10. Both available by remake.

The busy bee ring $22. A plump honey bee which promises not to sting.

This got snapped up as soon as I added it to the store! I may or may not do remakes so do check back or send me an enquiry if you like. There are more fuzzy wuzzies in store waiting to find a home! :)


♥ the fuzzy wuzzies!

i said i was gonna have the fuzzy wuzzies page up, and well, here it is!

not sure if any of you are familiar with needle felting tho, it’s quite a tedious process that involves “stabbing” wool with a special needle until the desired shape forms. (am i making any sense?)

( the fuzzy wuzzies )

this is just a quarter of what i’ve put up on the page. some are already sold cos i previously had them on the ring page, but i still want everyone to meet the entire fuzzy wuzzy family! i basically just moved them to their own little space, and gave them more friends! :)

right now i only have them on rings, but in due time i hope to add more variations. it probably will take awhile cos making one piece takes awhile, so bear with me please :)

it’s 135am now and i am ready to crash. i made new earstuds & rings earlier so hopefully i’ll have time to do photos and upload them before i head out for dinner with the bunch of mentally corrupted foodies. don’t go too far!

♥ jean

The Fuzzie Wuzzies!

so, i’ve been practicing my needle felting skills… fyi, i broke all 3 of the needles i bought. thank god the lot of 24 i ordered from USA arrived the day after i broke all of mine.

anyways, meet the FUZZIE WUZZIES!

eyeballs, flowers, hearts, a perpetually surprised blob of gum…

what else should i make? hmmmmmmmmmm…

love them? i’d love to hear what you girls think of these new fuzzie wuzzie rings! :)

love, jean

Quirky Vintage?

i’m putting a spin on vintage-inspired pieces…

i’m combining all sorts of stuff, including hand drawn pieces, my needle-felted “critters” and other little things… some of them have pretty little vintage rhinestones for a bit of bling!

these for starters!

don’t you think the white filigree bases look like good old doily paper? the eyeball and sunny side up were carefully needle-felted by me! :)

…if you like things that are plain, sweet and very vintage, you’ll love this pretty rose ring!

i’ve put in a vintage rhinestone in the centre… totally loving this one.

and then there’s this other more cheery one! i love the combination of peach and teal… it’s such a “feel good” combination…

will try to get all of these up on the site soon, but meanwhile,

( click here to see what’s available in store )

love, jean

♥ pandas?

i’ve got new ones! THREE OF THEM!

actually make that four including the baby. oh wait noooo five! i got a coin purse too, couldn’t resist. too cute!

ben bought me the really HUGE one. he calls it balloon, cos really, he does look like an inflated panda balloon!

the one on the far right is actually a bag, not that i’m going to use it, i can barely fit my phone in there, which gives me a good idea… i can use it as a phone holder on my bed! now i won’t have to scamper and search for my phone in the morning when the alarm goes off! :P

i haven’t really told anyone, but i’ve been trying something new over the past few days… needle felting! it’s not exactly the easiest of crafts, and you really need to focus otherwise you’ll end up pricking yourself with the needle constantly. (Which i have suffered) but the outcome is well worth the multiple pricks! :)

yup, he’s that tiny! not bad for a beginner? *grins*

anyhoos, i’ve made quite a few critters so far, and i’ve put 2 of them on rings…

they’ll be up for sale soon! (once i figure out how much they should sell for)

if you’re interested to take them home, feel free to drop me an email/comment, they’re looking for someone who’ll love them and shower them with lotsa love! :)

love, jean

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