♥ the fuzzy wuzzies!

i said i was gonna have the fuzzy wuzzies page up, and well, here it is!

not sure if any of you are familiar with needle felting tho, it’s quite a tedious process that involves “stabbing” wool with a special needle until the desired shape forms. (am i making any sense?)

( the fuzzy wuzzies )

this is just a quarter of what i’ve put up on the page. some are already sold cos i previously had them on the ring page, but i still want everyone to meet the entire fuzzy wuzzy family! i basically just moved them to their own little space, and gave them more friends! :)

right now i only have them on rings, but in due time i hope to add more variations. it probably will take awhile cos making one piece takes awhile, so bear with me please :)

it’s 135am now and i am ready to crash. i made new earstuds & rings earlier so hopefully i’ll have time to do photos and upload them before i head out for dinner with the bunch of mentally corrupted foodies. don’t go too far!

♥ jean

A Week into 2011.

( Hard Rock Cafe on NYE 2010 )

A whole week has passed, and yes I still feel somewhat “stuck” in 2010. I don’t know what it is but some part of me still feels really unsettled. A week into 2011, I’m still trying to sink into the reality that I have to wake up and work and that the festivities are long over. No more parties and late nights. Come to think of it, I didn’t even club in December due to the passing of my aunt, and I don’t intend to be very much of a party animal this year… There’s just too much I need to achieve this year.

I’ve been hooked on movies in bed the past week, especially nights when I simply can’t fall asleep. On impulse I signed up for a 3 months subscription with Megavideo, only to realise it’s pretty tough to find full movies… Maybe I just have weird movie picks.

Was going through my stuff and found my braided headbands… I went out like this yesterday and went my dad saw me it’s as if he didn’t recognise me. Is it that bad? It kinda gives me a headache tho, like my blood supply is getting cut off or something. I have weird issues.

And if you’ve realised, I haven’t posted much updates on customisations I’ve done in the past month… cos…. I put them all on Facebook! I’m using a new page to organise the product albums, the previous group page had photos lumped altogether into one album… This one’s way neater!

I try to update items daily once they’re done, so go check it out! You’ll see new stuff I’m working on like this little fella! He’s already found a home with my neighbour Gen :)

I’m home on a Friday night, how grand. Figured I should stay in and get some work and blogging done instead of partying with a threatening sore throat. I had way too much Ruffles the other day. The things you enjoy aren’t always worth it! :/

Later ya’ll.. ♥ jean



gosh, it seems like just yesterday i was prancing around in an outfit made up of shuttlecocks… which reminds me, i have yet to blog about my first ever halloween! anyhoos, first things first.

Samantha, here are photos of your custom orders! =)

…Cos Zizie ♥s pandas like me!

this design is quite the hottie. the original one had “eat me” or “drink me” written on the heart… think alice in wonderland…

( you can see them here )

this filigree ring is customisable at just $14. more color combinations are available upon request so just ask! =)

this funny MoUSTACHE ring was customised for justine =)

however, i do have plans to make this available for sale at $8 each. =)

So I had a little “accident” yesterday evening… I was itching to needle-felt cos I haven’t needle-felted anything in awhile. But like 2 minutes into it, I stabbed the barbed needle right through my FINGER NAIL, and into my finger. Can’t really see clearly from the photo tho cos my nails are like hot pink with teal polka dots. Yeaaa i thought my nails were really cool until this happened. =(

hope this doesn’t gross everyone out too much… it hurt really bad for about an hour. when i got the needle out my head was spinning like crazy! Could have hit some nerve in my finger cos it definitely felt like the worst needle stab EVER! I’ve been getting nagged at for not being careful and for being accident prone. It’s just me, really. :/

yup… and since i painted my nails pink and teal, i’ve been hopelessly obsessed with the two colors… soooo, expect lots of new accessories that revolve around that theme! Laterrrssss! =)

♥ jean

Rainy Mondays…

don’t they always get you down?

i was working on some stuff over the weekend, hope this lot will add a little cheer to the gloomy monday!

remake of summer trio and c’est la vie rings for Irene :)

and these two were quite the challenge! cos i haven’t been needle felting for awhile, was really worried i would needle stab my fingers. surprisingly, i didn’t!

a teal pacman ring and a color block glee ring for Safiah :)

hope it’s what you had in mind hun!

anyhooooos, guess everyone is dead tired from the weekend, i know i am… had a really impromptu bbq with half of the 1 or 8 last night and got thrown into the pool (AS USUAL!) and the food was really amazing! speaking of food, i just remembered i’ve been to tons of new places and yet haven’t had time to share my food finds. let’s keep our fingers crossed that i’ll have time to sit down and catch up with my blog this week.

remember to bring a brolly wherever you go this week! i reckon the wet weather is here to stay for abit!

♥ jean

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