DIY nails ♥ Princess French Tips!

I picked up a couple new bottles of polish yesterday so I decided to play around with them today! Here’s an easy peasy one! You don’t really have to worry about painting a straight line across the top of your nail if you paint glitter on top of it cos it kinda blurs the line anyway. It’s princess bling but not over the top so it’s still simple enough for everyday wear. :)

I used Glintz 02, Revlon 918 Silver Screen and Sylvie 16 (glitter)

Showed this to Robin and he said he likes the black/silver combination better, so I guess I already know what color to paint my nails next! xx

aztec fever

I need a proper nail art pen or something along those lines. The fine flimsy brushes really get on my nerves when I try drawing stuff on my nails. Which isn’t very often, but still. I figure with a proper nail art pen I’ll be able to do more detailed designs like this:


Photos from Boom Nails )

 Aztec-manicure party, anyone?

strawberries vs melons.

new (noob) nail art.

…i can’t quite decide if they’re strawberries or watermelons.. but then again, who cares right? lol. i’m not usually a nail art person… i do french manis myself too but these days, if i have time to repaint my nails every week it’s already an achievement. i just got really bored that day…

anyhoos, have a fab week everyone! i’m strapped into position and ready to launch into a mad a** week ahead. so many of my friends are back in town, which can only mean one thing, endless parties. let’s see how work and parties balance out this week. i sure hope i can collect my passport this week so everyone can gawk at my ugly photo… :/


OH my melons!

the heat today was a total brain cell killer… hot weather, made me think of watermelons… i was feeling a little restless so, inspired by that thought i decided to try something fun!

they actually kinda look like strawberries too? :/

i got my opi polishes from gmarket last month, including the opi black shatter! it’s major fun in a bottle! well, looks like the weather is really heating up… stay hydrated ya’ll!

♥ jean


gosh, it seems like just yesterday i was prancing around in an outfit made up of shuttlecocks… which reminds me, i have yet to blog about my first ever halloween! anyhoos, first things first.

Samantha, here are photos of your custom orders! =)

…Cos Zizie ♥s pandas like me!

this design is quite the hottie. the original one had “eat me” or “drink me” written on the heart… think alice in wonderland…

( you can see them here )

this filigree ring is customisable at just $14. more color combinations are available upon request so just ask! =)

this funny MoUSTACHE ring was customised for justine =)

however, i do have plans to make this available for sale at $8 each. =)

So I had a little “accident” yesterday evening… I was itching to needle-felt cos I haven’t needle-felted anything in awhile. But like 2 minutes into it, I stabbed the barbed needle right through my FINGER NAIL, and into my finger. Can’t really see clearly from the photo tho cos my nails are like hot pink with teal polka dots. Yeaaa i thought my nails were really cool until this happened. =(

hope this doesn’t gross everyone out too much… it hurt really bad for about an hour. when i got the needle out my head was spinning like crazy! Could have hit some nerve in my finger cos it definitely felt like the worst needle stab EVER! I’ve been getting nagged at for not being careful and for being accident prone. It’s just me, really. :/

yup… and since i painted my nails pink and teal, i’ve been hopelessly obsessed with the two colors… soooo, expect lots of new accessories that revolve around that theme! Laterrrssss! =)

♥ jean

Beauty Book : Nail Art

two days ago, the nail art stamping kit that i ordered online finally arrived in the mail!

sadly, my first attempt at stamping hello kitty on my nails was an epic failure!

it’s really tough the first time… you need lots of practice to get it right. now i have a new found respect for manicurists!

but after a whole lot of trial and error, i finally managed to get something decent out of it…

far from perfect, but i’m happy cos i can say…

“i did my own nails!”

and i even did my toe nails in the reverse colors… i know, my skills need alot of polishing. hahaha i need a more steady hand!

although they recommend using special nail art polish, i used The Face Shop’s nail polish (the dark blue) and it works perfectly fine! and it’s only $2.90 a bottle, so i can really go crazy with colors once i’m better at this.

. . .

i haven’t been able to find these in Singapore so i imported a few extras!

if anyone wants to have a go at nail art stamping, i have two sets up for grabs at just $12 including regular mail.

. . .

sold! ( this is set 1 )

the designs include roses, daisies, butterfly and a puppy face!

sold! ( this is set two )

basically this set consists of florals!

both sets include one design plate, one stamp and one scrapper each.

. . .

this is the first time i’m blogging about something of this nature so i hope you girls will enjoy this post! and if there’s any interest, i’ll try to do a mini tutorial on this :)

love, jean

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