color me happy!

Picture 1

how’s that for packing a punch of color?

you know what this means… i’m gonna be staring at the computer screen and updating the rest of the pages pretty soon….

nighty night night owls!

please go check it out and listen to the new STITCH MIX that ben recorded for me… we greatly appreciate your comments! :)

♥ xoxo ♥

late night funnies


how’s this for huge? but seriously, huge as it is, it really is pretty!

now say “BIG AND BOLD!”


looks like someone’s stuck in quite a rut.

see, the thing is when we bought that blue thing, we started calling it LILO, when he’s actually STITCH. but i still like calling him LILO… it’s just cuter than STITCH? speaking of which, ben finally recorded….’s official mixtape!


now i’m just tweaking the new look abit… but that’s one thing new you’ll see on my website soon. i wonder why he named it the “stitch mix” tho…

well it’s friday night/saturday morning and yes i am at home. ben’s still spinning at Blu Jaz and i somehow decided to stay home and get more designs done. if he’s working i should be working too right? hahahaha!


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