ramen redemption, or not.

okay this is way overdue! it’s so overdue that i had to check my foursquare log-in history to figure out when this was.. cos i was lazy to grab my moleskine. in a week, this post would be a month late. #fail

let’s see what i can remember about the food, it obviously didn’t impress me enough considering i’ve left this draft untouched for so long… the ramen was definitely better than what we had at Watami previously, but still, there must be better ramen out there!


the pork was pretty good, but as usual, not enough! and for some reason, mimi had a whole egg in her ramen while jones and i only got half each. so unfair…

the gyozas were pretty good!

oh look the bowl is bigger than my face!


i can’t remember what this was called… it’s chicken, & some vege… (duh)

sighhh…. i’m not doing a very good job with this am i? it’s almost 2am…  *feeling the heavy eyelids

i think i should go to bed.. i hope i have a dream that tells me where i can find the best ramen in singapore. if that doesn’t happen, can those of you who have had good ramen please leave me a comment? please, pretty please with tons of cherries on top! :)

♥ jean

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