here he is! MehBit, and mini Mehbit! that was my “test piece” which i have fallen in love with over the last few weeks of having him around. he’s just so adorable to look at, being so small especially. oh well, they will be separated soon once i send MehBit off to his new home!

i can’t wait for the site to be up! 2 more days! :)

love, jean

Meet MehBit!

couple weeks back, i was asked to custom-make a plush toy…

his name is MehBit.

he is the official mascot for a youth mental programme, CHAT.

this is him half done. i spent all day trying to figure out how to get him to stand on his own! he finally can!

anyway, if you’re wondering… MehBit is a monster from Planet Ting. Among the Tingerians, he is known to be the master of sound advice. Though he may look nonchalant at times, he actually has a warm heart that cares for human and Tingerians alike.

i’m really glad to be able to be a part of something beneficial. maintaining a healthy state of mind is crucial especially during the growing years… trust me, i’ve been there.

( click here to find out more and be a fan on facebook! )

will update more about MehBit soon! have a fab weekend everyone!

love, jean

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