Sew Cosie….

a very girly passport cosie for annie! this one took me quite a long while to put together. cutting and sewing the petals one by one is really quite tedious. plus adding abit of ruffling details on top… hope this is what you had in mind annie :)

this is an iphone cosie for sophia, french colors make up this russian doll with the postcard design at the back that can hold a couple of cards!

okay, i’m done sewing for today. later alligator! xx

More Cosies!

this is a remake of the “dusty pink florals” iphone cosy for Wei Ting. it’s like 99% identical to the original!

and here are more “experiments”…

i reckon guys might actually take to the eyeball one… you think? i actually used the sewing machine for this. otherwise i would have gone insane sewing all those lines on the iris….

i’ve always wanted to do the matryoshka doll! great for the child in all of us… i don’t’ really know the whole significance behind the russian nesting doll, but it’s cute nonetheless!

also made this bunny one for Biyun, it’s supposed  to resemble her favourite stuffed bunny!

what other phone cosy designs would you girls/guys want to see?

love, jean

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