Weekend DIY : Marc Jacobs-inspired Dog Bag!


Have you seen the new Marc Jacobs iPhone cases? They are springing up everywhere! Why don’t they make these for Samsung phones? *sulks


Anyway, last weekend I decided to DIY my own dose of cute and I thought I’d share a quick tutorial! :)


You’ll need :

  • A plain white tote bag
  • Pencil
  • Black acrylic or fabric paint (I used acrylic!)
  • Big and small flat brushes
  • Old newspapers
  • A steady hand and a good amount of patience!


First I drew the design on the tote (freehand), you don’t have to be exact but try not to draw into the white areas. Once you’re more or less satisfied with your sketch, time to paint! I like to start on the edges with a smaller brush and then fill in the larger areas later with a larger brush.

You might want to put a layer of newspaper in between the bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through! Don’t be in too much of a hurry to complete your project, make sure the paint is dry or be very careful not to smudge wet paint if you need to shift your work. This took me slightly over an hour to complete!


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Decked in White.

Random OOTDs from the past week, just two to be exact.


Of lace, sequins, and Philip Gogo’s swallow necklace from ASOS.

Sequined throw over from Miss Selfridge, lace dress from ClubCouture.


Christmas day OOTD.

I had totally forgotten about this gorgeous Miu Miu-inspired clutch I got over a year ago while I was sorting out my stuff the other day, I know, how could I forget I have such a pretty bag? Paired it with a “vintage”, well, hand me down white bodycon dress that belonged to my sister, and my Marc Jacobs time piece. I’m still trying to grow into the dress tho, it’s still a tad loose for me since I’ve been losing weight more so than putting on any kilos at all, but classy, definitely.


I reckon a haircut is in order, it’s already grown to my hip level. Oh the horror.

I’m still trying to convince myself I deserve another day or two of rest before I dive head on into work, and I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten my scheduler for 2013! There’s so much I want to do in the new year, although I have yet to solidify my new year’s resolutions, (like anyone really sticks to them anyway) I definitely need to get my life back on track once and for all. Let’s just say 2012 turned out to be a lot less than pleasant; sure there were good times, but still not enough to equal out the bad. :/

Oh wells, I’m gonna try to start with one resolution tonight, and that’s being in bed before 1am. Read about my christmas bakes soon!

Merry Christmas everyone! ♥ xx

Something for the Men.

Before I show you what it is I finally have in store for the boys…. I’ve been revamping the store front a weeeeeeeeeeee bit. Just a little. Some tidying up here, some tweaking there…. And it’s looking something like this.


Still working on the other pages but I hope to have a revamped site by…. Monday? I hope I’m not being overly ambitious. It sure is a challenge to run a store alone… The storefront, the products, the designs, the making, packing, mailing….. Okay enough of that! Ready to see what I got for the boys? *grin

Did you guess? :)

Right now I only have these two pairs instock, and they are S$20 a pair. I definitely need inspiration for new ones… I was thinking of satin floral cufflinks for the babes who suit up… But, how many girls actually use cufflinks? Are YOU one of them?

>>>>> See these in store : CUFFLINKS!

If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment or drop me an email! jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com

Have a great weekend ya’ll! xx

tribal sunday.

tribal print maxi dress : cotton on | denim cropped jacket : topshop – moto | watch : marc by marc jacobs | rings : topshop & miss selfridge | nails : OPI dim sum plum NL H44

weekend highlights – ice cream & alcohol. i also caved and bought new earphones and replacement ear tips; but still…

i need to fix this void; it’s making me stupid and i don’t like it.

the weekend bee.

i get lazy when it comes to dressing up sometimes, mainly cos… i have way too much clothes to choose from. i know it’s not something i should be complaining about but it can be a real pain in the arse especially when you’re in a rush. to solve that, i have a couple of “fool-proof” outfits put together, this being one of them, and i’ll pick a cardigan that suits the day’s mood.

this outfit took me to town for dinner with 2/3 of the family. don’t mind my unruly hair, it happens a lot these days since i’m letting my bangs grow out and i don’t always want to pin it back. i get the inkling that i might actually chop them short again before they reach the desirable length.

don’t forget to check the sidebar for blog perks from Xquisis! ——–>>>

summer is here.

i’ve had my eyes on that marc jacobs striped maxi since march, but never got it cos.. until today i still can’t justify spending $500 on a dress with a brand tag. honestly, i’m not that much of a “brand person”, the design is what matters most to me, and since my dear girls at the closet lover (which i used to model for) brought in an inspired piece at a fraction of the price, i decided to add it to my wardrobe for summer! :)

i don’t think i had anything this bright & cheery in my wardrobe, until now that is. it goes really well with the cropped denim jacket i bought from topshop recently, can’t wait to have some summer fun! :)

my bangs have grown out now, don’t think i’ll be wearing bangs for summer, so it’s back to the old me! xoxo

saturday ♥

i fell asleep after managing to blog a post last night. i just closed my eyes for abit and the next thing i knew it was 6 in the morning… unread text messages, fb chats, i barely managed to sleep my lappie before i crashed again.

and then i woke to a chain of whatsapp messages and then, a phone call. clara was nearby and wanted to swim sooooo, i dragged myself out of bed, had lunch and we spent the whole afternoon by the pool and in it a quarter of the time.

time to get a little summer color on my skin…

oh well, as usual, i get hungry after swimming so we decided to whip up some yummies… and i ended up teaching clara how to make scrambled eggs. it’s really easy! if you’re not convinced, watch this! :)

ps : the only thing she could cook before this was maggie mee. that’s one item to add to the “what i can cook” list babe!

seeeee! the eggs turned out fab! anyone can make scrambled eggs! and clara said it tastes better than mcdonalds! yummmmmmmm :)

was contemplating heading out to soul cos so many of my friends will be there, but i’m feeling so bummed from all that chlorine and sun. i think i’m gonna chill out at home and turn in early tonight… i’m checking out h&m’s online store & it’s making me really anxious. i can’t wait for the store to open here in singapore, like FINALLY! how have we been surviving without h&m? i actually have a couple of items in my shopping cart (don’t ask me why, it’s not like they ship internationally… they don’t, right?) who wants to be nice and get me some h&m? *chuckles

i also can’t wait to get my hands on these two items i ordered from the closet lover! i’ve had my eyes on that marc jacobs-inspired dress for the longest time! those of you who have been reading my blog would know that i used to model for them, and i must say, the stuff they’re bringing in just gets better & better! well done girls! :)

okay, mummy’s calling for durian time! after which i’m gonna go dig through my wardrobe & look for outfit inspirations for next week.. that is if, i can stop shopping online for shoes at xquisis. i’ve been wearing my miu miu inspired crystal heels a lot and everyone loves them! (see sidebar for blog promo!)

happy sunday in advance! muaaaaaaaa ♥

Updated 18/9 : New Today!

i feel a whole lot better today, just a little cough bugging me now, but all’s good for now! :)

and as promised, some new designs!

come to think of it, i haven’t done new earstud designs in awhile eh? here are 2 new hand-drawn designs!

IMG_9976 IMG_9924

left : love me S$8

hearts measure approximately 1.7cm x 1.8cm

right : little miss marc S$8

(by remake only)

marc jacobs inspired! little miss marc with her trademark red heart sunnies!

measures approximately 1.8cm x 2.1cm

please note, becos these are hand drawn, each pair will vary slightly.

_MG_2773crop IMG_9860

as seen in The Closet Lover’s Collection 23

she’s one tough chic! S$15

two layers of black and silver rivets arranged in a bottlecap

chanel_ice_cream IMG_9857

and this photo on the left inspired the ring on the right!

*exclusive! lick me bottlecap ring S$15

IMG_9737 IMG_7907

left : *exclusive! pretty in blue S$14

hand sewn zipper rose headband

right : camellia chanel inspired ring S$10

pending payment – joann

one piece only girls! grab it before it’s gone!

feeling vintage romantic?

IMG_9955 IMG_9975

the champagne poppy ring S$14

big, bold, and elegant… this ring will take you from cocktail party to a stroll by the beach! each petal is hand cut and “singed” to create texture then hand sewn to form a flower…


the champagne rose S$22

exclusively handsewn by me :)

this piece measures approximately 6cm

by remake only

more colors available on jeaninegabrielle.com

IMG_9963 IMG_9871

left : champagne poppy pin S$10

this is a baby version of the champage rose pin shown above.

this piece measures approximately 4cm

right : pearl drops S$8

prop your hair up into a messy bun, top it off with a champagne rose or poppy and put on these elegant pearl drops and you’re ready for one hot date!

IMG_8795 IMG_9748

left : missy vintage earstuds S$5

one pair only! measures approximately 1.9cm across

right : ivory roses S$11

these pretty, rosey dangles will add that floral touch to any outfit. perfect for wearing all through the week!

there’s more… but, i won’t put everything up here. for more, go to jeaninegabrielle.com!

ps : prices do not include shipping charges.

regular shipping is $2 flat for orders below $80 : )

xoxo, jean

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