hello matiko!

My new Matiko loafers from Revolve finally arrived yesterday just before I left home; so I swapped heels for loafers.

Caught The Smurfs last night & loved it. It’s a really heartfelt movie with a meaningful lesson to take home. Don’t ignore those “once in a blue moon” moments.

Can someone please explain how guy’s minds function these days? Seriously, why in the right mind would anyone accept a bluetooth connection request, on a train? I’m baffled, really.


matiko x belle noel

 Guilty pleasures shopping on Revolve Clothing. Got new loafers from Matiko at 45% off! And the honey hexagon studs from Belle Noel were a tad too cute to resist. I also bought a bralet, but no, I’m not showing you that. I hit USD$100 so I got free shipping, that was pretty much the idea.

I was that close to buying a l/s top by James Perse, but they didn’t have my size. 


sold : laceup loafers size 37 $18 mailed


(these are photos of the actual pair)

I can’t really tell you if they’re comfy to walk in, cos I can’t fit my feet into them. Now if only I was two sizes smaller… I’d really recommend you buy this if you’re a size 37, I’m guessing the fit for a size 38 into these might be a bit snug.

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