Jeanine Wears Lady Ayn Rose…

Remember the post I did on Lady Ayn Rose some time ago?

I mentioned a tulle skirt that I got and this is it! I paired it with a simple fitted white tank from cotton on and it created this “colorblock” look. It looks almost like a dress actually! Love the tulle inner, makes me feel like the ballerina I never was…

Wish I took better photos but things have been pretty hectic and it doesn’t quite cross my mind to pose for photos when I’m out these days… Nonetheless, thank you Lady Ayn Rose for the pretty skirt! I tweeted it the day I wore it and got lots of positive feedback!

For all you girls, Rose is kindly offering an exclusive 10% discount on your purchase just by mentioning my name when ordering! =)

PS : Check out the nerd looks she digs,

i know I’m totally digging this! ♥

( click here to visit Lady Ayn Rose )

♥ jean

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