Jeanine Wears Lady Ayn Rose…

Remember the post I did on Lady Ayn Rose some time ago?

I mentioned a tulle skirt that I got and this is it! I paired it with a simple fitted white tank from cotton on and it created this “colorblock” look. It looks almost like a dress actually! Love the tulle inner, makes me feel like the ballerina I never was…

Wish I took better photos but things have been pretty hectic and it doesn’t quite cross my mind to pose for photos when I’m out these days… Nonetheless, thank you Lady Ayn Rose for the pretty skirt! I tweeted it the day I wore it and got lots of positive feedback!

For all you girls, Rose is kindly offering an exclusive 10% discount on your purchase just by mentioning my name when ordering! =)

PS : Check out the nerd looks she digs,

i know I’m totally digging this! ♥

( click here to visit Lady Ayn Rose )

♥ jean

Every Girl's Must Read… Lady Ayn Rose

Lady Ayn Rose is a newly launched Lifestyle Blog, owned by a young lady in awe of Audrey Hepburn’s sophistication, Rose.

Her blog is simple, yet chocked full of information every girl needs to know! What you’ll find basically is what defines you as a woman and consists largely of four parts…

You’ll be able to read about Rose’s daily life and share her personal musings and pretty pictures… Read on and you’ll discover her values and believes in life.

If you’re young, growing up and have no idea how to start shopping for skin care products, you’ll love the section where she speaks on skincare. It’ll help you determine if you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin. Allowing you to learn more about your particular skin type and how to take proper care of your skin.

In “She Speaks on Wardrobe” Rose shares tips on how to shop smart for clothing! Learn about different dress styles, and also get fashion savvy with mixing and matching the items in your wardrobe!

Rose also sells an exclusive collection of apparel, mostly hand picked by herself on overseas trips!

I was lucky to be given a very pretty skirt from a collection that has yet to be released! :) It’s a light green “tutu-like” skirt. Come to think of it I haven’t been dressing very girly of late, and the skirt is a real sweetheart piece! Thanks Rose! Will definitely post photos of me in the skirt soon… But meanwhile…

Start dressing and shopping smarter, start reading Lady Ayn Rose

♥ jean

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