Ring Ring!

need gift ideas for friends?

Michelle got these two rings customised for hers! :)

and here’s a keyring Juvena got customised for Denise :)

my white bows are currently OOS. white & baby pink bows will be restocked by early – mid september. Currently in stock, there are black, hot pink and one yellow bow.

T.G.I.F.! Have a fantastic weekend ahead ya’ll!

love, jean

I'm Back! :)

well sorta… and trying very hard to catch up. so, let’s start with some customisations i managed to finish up. sorry for taking longer than usual huns!

a foldover pouch and two iphone cosies to go!

Maggie ordered some keyrings for the girls…

she got rings too but i’m still working on them, will add photos once they’re ready!

and Vivien got two rings and a necklace…

gee i can’t believe it’s friday already… one more video shoot tomorrow… ppfft. hope you all had a less intense week. :S

i’ll upload photos of the lambo and bentley soon enough!

Fruitful Saturday! : )

i know i went missing for a bit, i’ve been so busy the past week! but i finally managed to sit down and more customisations completed…

sorry for taking so long girls!

pair of keyrings for Evangeline :)

and a customised card holder for Biyun!

hope you girls will love your customisations! :)

love, jean

"the alcoholic duo"

another pair of couple keyrings, this pair is for Janice and her hubby!

the “his” keyring is the same as one i made for ben last year… last year? yea i think so. haha

ps : please note that remakes for anything with beer bottlecaps will only be available as and when we drink :)

love, jean


okay i was really hoping to sleep by 130am but i was packing up my work area and i figured i wanted to take a couple shots of what i did yesterday so that you’ll have something happy to look at today! :)


i’m totally in love with the new bottlecap designs i came up with… i can’t pick a favourite!

the “too weird to live, too rare to die” one is totally LOVE! i am very sure i’m gonna make that one into a ring! : ) the quote was by the late Hunter S. Thompson.

IMG_9701 IMG_9697

okay, i’m very sure about it being a ring now!

will blog about these newbies in more details soon! little betsey (the bird) needs her beauty sleep….

night night! :)

another one before i crash…

it’s 3am and i’m just done adding new stuff on the website…

here’s a last post before i hit the sack…

Picture 8

that’s pretty much a “summary” of what’s new…

click on the image to go see more!

till the sun rises, goodnight night owls…

have a great sunday ahead and stay safe everyone!


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