Time To Get Cosy!

I’ve been in love with Miu Miu’s S/S 10 Collection for the longest time, and finally had time to create these Miu Miu-inspired pieces!

( click here to get them today! )

Been sewing alot more than usual of late i realise… Got some new foldover pouches to add to the store too! And I’ve got tons of fabric sitting around… Time to start making some new tote bags perhaps?


This one’s Warhol-inspired. With cutesy blue hearts to line the inside.


This floral one will fit your cards, or maybe stash your accessories if you please. Perfect for holding cash and small items in a clutch when you go partying, it’s so slim so it won’t take up any unnecessary space that a proper wallet would.

These foldover pouches should be in store by tomorrow, I’m trying to tidy up the store for a better shopping experience this year end! (Stocking up on charms for customisations too!)

Have a great Sunday everyone! Altho the rain is dampening the weekend quite abit…

♥ jean

Life in Color

I’m on a creative streak I swear! More customs for a bunch of friends…

Ready to meet my awesome friends?

1. mismatched earstuds for Donovan, yes he’s a guy and he’s cool like that.

2. clash the disco kids keyring for kurt

3. V logo keyring for ms vandetta!

check out her song “i’m not your bitch” on clicknetwork.tv! it’s fawesome!

and… Someone ordered tofu?

this is an iphone cosy! was supposed to do the press button on the inside but silly muddle headed me totally forgot. had to improvise with a flap on the outside instead. might be a better idea? shrugs.

send me more customisation requests please! =)


Animal Instincts

so i wasn’t spared from catching the flu bug this time, but it’s getting better, and the fever’s gone (for now) i hope it stays gone and never comes back! back to business, new iphone cosies!

the little piggie is for Evangeline, and the owl is up for grabs at $26 :)

love, jean

More Cosies!

this is a remake of the “dusty pink florals” iphone cosy for Wei Ting. it’s like 99% identical to the original!

and here are more “experiments”…

i reckon guys might actually take to the eyeball one… you think? i actually used the sewing machine for this. otherwise i would have gone insane sewing all those lines on the iris….

i’ve always wanted to do the matryoshka doll! great for the child in all of us… i don’t’ really know the whole significance behind the russian nesting doll, but it’s cute nonetheless!

also made this bunny one for Biyun, it’s supposed  to resemble her favourite stuffed bunny!

what other phone cosy designs would you girls/guys want to see?

love, jean


okay i think my wrist and fingers are starting to get abit messed up from 2 days of so much sewing… but anyway, more stuff i just finished earlier!

another domo pouch for iphone, but this one has a red mouth instead of pink!

domo for iphone is $24 excluding shipping, send me an email or leave me a comment if you want one! :)

and then there’s Onigiri!

this one was made to fit a pack of cigs!

smoking is bad people, and i don’t promote smoking, and i don’t smoke. but if you do smoke, do it in moderation please!

and i made my blackberry a pouch too!


i need a sewing break, really. grrrrr

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