Stuff my stockings with cosies!

Christmas is coming and if you’re looking for gifts to give, which I’m sure you are, why not give a cosy? You can’t go wrong with these cos everyone has a phone. Girls especially like carrying stuff in style, that also includes their phones. So she’s got the latest iPhone, get her a pretty cosy to keep it snuggly! :)The poppy field series!

These are card cosies, which can only be custom made to fit any phone model. See these and other cosies in store now! Pssttt! Lots of designs reduced to clear! xx

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addicted to florals…


yuppppp i sewed yet another one today… this one is a rich mix of cream, beige and browns… so lux! i think i should sew a different color combi everyday? if time allows that is… these sure are time consuming to put together!

(sorry if the photos aren’t up to par. i’m using my dad’s laptop and the colors are really different from my mac. sigh…)

ps : i just got word from the editor of CHIC, Donna Tang that there’ll be a little blurB with my photo in the next issue of CHIC!




Oh Valentino, How I LOVE You…

the very lust-worthy lambskin bag from Valentino….

pretty, but this bag costs a whopping $4,260! ouch…

so i put together a much more affordable “floral fix”!

everyone’s got an iphone these days… pull out this very eye catching iphone cosy, and you know you won’t be just another girl with an iphone!

the flowers are individually cut, shaped and hand-sewn with felt. it took me a good few hours to do this…

Valentino-inspired iPhone Cosy S$39

price inclusive of regular mail, please note that remakes will vary. this piece is made to fit an iphone snugly, but fits a Blackberry Curve too.

love, jean

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