DI-ing again.

Picture 15

i really should be sleeping… ben is still out, and i’m still up in the study.

ps : did i mention ben is going to Vietnam for like 24 hours on friday? LOL

IT’S 2.45AM

…and i’m still going through the photos from the latest shoot…

next time i have my hair up, someone please remind me to use hair spray on my fringe? hate fly aways… so bear with it this time okay?

here’s ONE sneak peek! thanks Neng for the photos, as usual :)


see what i mean by fly away fringe? urghhhh… messed up my photos abit i reckon… my fringe was just being retarded that day!

i love the photo tho… goodnight everyone! :)

the closet lover – behind the scenes


did the shoot for THE CLOSET LOVER’S next collection on monday…

i am in love with many many pieces from this coming collection…

note to self : control yourself jeanine, your wardrobe is near exploding!


yup, that’s ben.

becos he refused to get off the mattress i started piling the clothes on him… hahaha!

i bet he knew i was on the other side… “act only”

can’t wait to see the photos from Neng… i think they’re gonna be awesome! :)

Of Light + Shadow by Neng

a couple days ago i did a shoot with Neng of Intrigue Visuals for The Little Red Dress Competition organised by The Singapore Heart Foundation, and here’s how the photos turned out!

from left to right : denial and isolation, bargain and anger

They aren’t as bombastic as Neng wanted due to time constrain, but i’d say, a job well done! and i can’t wait till the next shoot! :)

i’m currently in the midst of revamping my website, so stay tuned for more web updates and goodies soon!

meanwhile, if you feel like shopping…

go to jeaninegabrielle.com

enjoy the new year loves! :)

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