Dinner with an old friend at The Pizza Place

We had to grab a quick bite before the Esquire event so Alvin suggested The Pizza Place. I’ve been to Raffles City many times, but I have never noticed this little outlet tucked away in a corner, not until now!

I would have loved to try the pizza at a pizza place but the personal sized pizzas were sold out, so I just had some sides instead. This little corner has some pretty decent bites!

For one, I was really happy they have truffle fries! A bowlful for S$6.80! I wonder if they do take out.. Hmmmmmm

Alvin had Meatball Pasta which was good apparently, but the color of the meatballs really scares me. I won’t say what I think they look like so… go figure. ^_^

I had an order of these cheesy meatballs since I wasn’t too hungry… Very yummy! Wish we weren’t in a rush to finish though, these were piping hot out of the oven and it took more than 5 minutes to cool down enough for me to bite into!

Alvin and his EXTREMELY belated birthday gift, the Mario piranha plant, which is now his favourite and uhmmm perhaps only, pet plant. Handmade by yours truly. :D

See more of my hama bead work here! >> Hama Hama <<

The entire meal consisting of 3 food items and 2 drinks costed $31! Very affordable considering the location and for the quality of food they offer. Plus, they don’t charge service or GST here. Awesommmeeee right? I’ll definitely go back for the truffle fries and maybe a pizza the next time. Definitely worth checking out! :)

The Pizza Place is located at Raffles City, #B1-16. Tel: 6336 1979

“Serving up a slice of New York City for 15 years since opening in 1996 in Singapore, The Pizza Place epitomizes the classic New York style pizza at its very best. Topped with generous portions of premium ingredients and crowned with layers of melted cheese, every bite into our freshly-baked golden-crusted gourmet pizzas will satisfy the most epicurean of cravings. Together with our ever-popular variety of pastas, baked rice, spicy Buffalo wings, fresh salads and finger foods, we have something for everyone to enjoy, every time. Visit us at our newly-renovated restaurant for a truly unforgettable gastronomic experience today!”

Yesterday Once More.

A little bird who has paranoia issues. He finds everyone around him suspicious. I haven’t given it a name, so for now I’m calling it Churp Churp. Available for purchase when I launch the “hama hama” collection.

Potato egg salad with chicken cheese sausages & croutons, topped with deviled eggs. Note to self : If you run out of dijon mustard, DO NOT sub with honey mustard.

…It’s yesterday once more

Stay Home Fridays…

Pretty much what took up my entire friday… I did get other designs done as well but this was friday’s main focus. I’m so tired now it’s 3am and I’m quite ready to crash. Hopefully not in front of my laptop tho… This week pretty much flew by without me even realising it. I really wish i had more time to work on stuff but there’s just so many things i have to juggle right now! I’ll leave that “story” for later… meanwhile…

SAY HELLO TO MY mario piranha PLANT pet!

( almost got this confused with plants vs zombies )

Had a sudden urge to make this and now it’s just sitting in front of me on my latop. Makes a pretty cool “laptop pet” tho… Thoughts anyone? All i know is that i’m the zombie now and i should really hit the sack…

goodnight ya’lllll! =)

lotsa weekend ♥, jean

Key-p Me Company!

Been working on a couple more customisations these week! More keyrings to keep those keys company!

Here are a couple I just completed :)

“THE LFK” is my friend, Paul. Meanie Paulie, remember? That’s his “DJ name”. And it seems like spongebob has got himself tons of fans! Lots of people have been asking to have him on their keyrings… Lucky you Spongebob!

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to update the site but I put alot of things on hold cos my mind just hasn’t been working quite right until now… I’m gonna be intensely updating, but just to share, here are some new hama bead keyrings that will be available in store very soon! =)

I’ve also just updated the earstuds page with about 10 new designs!

Oscar, Patrick and Mr Bump! These are all hand drawn and Patrick is a tiny 1.7cm tall! He’s uber cute, you have to see for yourself! For those of you who lean more towards girly sophistication, then you’ll love these new additions! There are also a couple that i only have one pair of… think vintage!

( Click here to check out the rest! )

♥ jean


meet my latest muse!!

i got the beads imported all they way from the UK, cos it’s almost impossible to find the mini size here in singapore…. i tried looking all over but no store sells them!

over the past week i’ve been wrecking my brains and getting frustrated everytime i accidentally “spill” the beads. trust me, these 2.5mm beads are not exactly child’s play… putting them together is a really grueling process! (which i totally enjoy! weird, i know.)

okay enough whining, here’s what i’ve completed so far! :)

i won’t be able to add them to the store until at least tomorrow or friday, so i’ve just added them to the FACEBOOK GROUP. and they’ve already been priced for sale, so if you’d like to purchase just drop me an email / message / comment!

i gotta run soon, so much happening today!

ps : if you haven’t already heard, Orchard Road was flooded this morning! I sure hope the situation has gotten better!

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