Perpetual Spring…

i’ve been working on lots of new pieces lately, this being one of them…

i actually did it with a yarn necklace, but this has been modified for Leonie :)

so…. why perpetual spring you must be wondering? well, it’s practically spring/summer all year round here in Singapore, so that’s what i’m calling the “collection”! it won’t be just for the months of spring/summer, but it’ll be a permanent page on here’s a sneak at the rest of the collection so far…

…Perpetual Spring

if you remember the ruffles and rosettes pieces i did last year, well, they’re back! in different colors, more varied designs! meanwhile, here are my newer creations, all hand sewn by me….

i’m still putting up the prices and descriptions, so gimme a couple more days before i release the collection :)

have a great weekend everyone!

love, jean

Updated 18/9 : New Today!

i feel a whole lot better today, just a little cough bugging me now, but all’s good for now! :)

and as promised, some new designs!

come to think of it, i haven’t done new earstud designs in awhile eh? here are 2 new hand-drawn designs!

IMG_9976 IMG_9924

left : love me S$8

hearts measure approximately 1.7cm x 1.8cm

right : little miss marc S$8

(by remake only)

marc jacobs inspired! little miss marc with her trademark red heart sunnies!

measures approximately 1.8cm x 2.1cm

please note, becos these are hand drawn, each pair will vary slightly.

_MG_2773crop IMG_9860

as seen in The Closet Lover’s Collection 23

she’s one tough chic! S$15

two layers of black and silver rivets arranged in a bottlecap

chanel_ice_cream IMG_9857

and this photo on the left inspired the ring on the right!

*exclusive! lick me bottlecap ring S$15

IMG_9737 IMG_7907

left : *exclusive! pretty in blue S$14

hand sewn zipper rose headband

right : camellia chanel inspired ring S$10

pending payment – joann

one piece only girls! grab it before it’s gone!

feeling vintage romantic?

IMG_9955 IMG_9975

the champagne poppy ring S$14

big, bold, and elegant… this ring will take you from cocktail party to a stroll by the beach! each petal is hand cut and “singed” to create texture then hand sewn to form a flower…


the champagne rose S$22

exclusively handsewn by me :)

this piece measures approximately 6cm

by remake only

more colors available on

IMG_9963 IMG_9871

left : champagne poppy pin S$10

this is a baby version of the champage rose pin shown above.

this piece measures approximately 4cm

right : pearl drops S$8

prop your hair up into a messy bun, top it off with a champagne rose or poppy and put on these elegant pearl drops and you’re ready for one hot date!

IMG_8795 IMG_9748

left : missy vintage earstuds S$5

one pair only! measures approximately 1.9cm across

right : ivory roses S$11

these pretty, rosey dangles will add that floral touch to any outfit. perfect for wearing all through the week!

there’s more… but, i won’t put everything up here. for more, go to!

ps : prices do not include shipping charges.

regular shipping is $2 flat for orders below $80 : )

xoxo, jean

Updated 17/9 : a garden reception



the burnt out satin flowers S$25 each

each flower petal is hand cut and singed then sewn to form a flower, topped with a faux pearl centre. attached to a bobby pin;

this is perfect for wearing in a bun or behind your ear…

in scarlet (worn)

Update : Pink sold, new color will be available soon!

IMG_8238 IMG_9259

left : purple trio of rosettes headband S$15

3 hand sewn rosettes in 2 shades of purple

right : baby blue crochet flower pin S$5

hand crocheted by me! :)

oh dolly!

IMG_9381 IMG_9384

IMG_9387 IMG_9385

oh dolly! rings S$14 each

3 exclusive pieces available in purple, teal and peach. size is fully adjustable

IMG_9390 IMG_9393

IMG_9399 IMG_9394

camelia rings S$12

in teal or coral. size is adjustable

2 exclusive pieces that feature a little flower sitting on a hand-twisted vintage brass knife charm. pretty scallop details at the end.

IMG_9416 IMG_9254

left : baby blooms S$11

en exclusive pair of floral hoops with pink flowers and pretty pearls

right : butterfly circus S$5

an exclusive single side earring featuring a gold butterfly fluttering in a pearl hoop

IMG_3507 IMG_0049

left : oh so rosey S$5 (restocked! last pair)

right : buttercup vintage S$5

IMG_0053 IMG_0057

left : carmen S$5

right : peggy sue S$5

to purchase, leave a comment or drop me an email! :)

love, jean

hair raisers!


so i’ve been talking about doing this whole page dedicated to hair accessories… i’m working on it! really! by this week it’ll be done i so so promise… but meanwhile, here are the sneaks! i know i look a tad impish in the photo… i did that on purpose, but you’re supposed to get an idea of how you can wear these pretty things in so many ways! they double up as hair ties too!


this one i like ALOT… aren’t the cream rosettes just absolutely darling?

and then, cos ben was out watch soccer and i was bored… i started playing with the pandas…


(bolster is one of my new pandas from shanghai btw. we call him that cos he’s round just like a bolster!)


oh well… the things you do when you get bored… i’m so hitting the sack soon.


the flowers are back!


remember these?

i may have sold out on the original version but i just came up with a solution today so as not to disappoint those who didn’t manage to get their hands on one!

the only difference is… this time i have hand cut and sewn these flowers! and they come in different colors! :)

perfect for your hair, and they readily double up as brooches or bag accessories too!


this one is made from cotton fabric in a color i’d like to call “oatmeal”.

also with white tulle in between.

grab this one for $21

the color is very neutral, and will go with practically any outfit and hair color!


this one is made from baby pink felt and white tulle…

very much similar to the original!


and here’s one in a pretty baby blue…

the felt ones are going for S$18 each

all flowers measure approximately 7.5cm across and come with an alligator style hair clip on the back.

i hope you girls will like these new hair accessories! i’ve spent all day figuring out how to sew them! :)


in the garden…


i used this flower clip in TCL’s collection 18 shoot but we didn’t really get a really good shot of it, so i figured i’ll use it for collection 19’s shoot on monday since there’s this floral dress that would go really well with the clip…

so check back for that soon yes?

(okay maybe not so soon. like next week.)


a new bracelet i just made yesterday! :)

i think it’s uber pretty! great for weekends yet simple enough for weekdays in the office!

in the garden with butterflies S$24

length adjustable up to 7.2 inches


and while i was at it, i made a new necklace along the same line… more butterflies!

the secret butterfly $27

two butterflies, one silver and one brass. and two keys in both tones.

28 inch chain // this one is exclusive cos i only have one of the vintage brass key.


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