Feeling Glittery, again.

remember the blank glitter tiles i did last month?

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well, i finally got down to putting stuff on them! here’s what i came up with yesterday and today!

what do you think girls?

i totally love the monday blues one… adds a little glittery fun to monday’s outfit. maybe your monday won’t be so blue afterall! i’m still wrecking my head over what to do with the red glitter tile… i’m thinking of just the word “Love”… then i wanna do a green one that says “Envy”.

ideas anyone?

please leave your comments! i love hearing from you! :)

love, jean

i'm feeling glittery…

to make some of Yih Fang’s customised rings i had to get glitter, i ended up getting a whole lot of it!

and got a little carried away in the process…. these “glitter-ed” tiles are ready to be customised!

anyone got any bright ideas what should go on the rings? suitable text? single words? a character?

what would YOU like to see on these rings?

if you get hit by a good idea, please feel free to share them! :)

i’ll be waiting…

love, jean

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