Do The Dougie!

Last week I had friends over from Sydney, and we were all over the place. Filter, Butter Factory… It’s probably the most fun I’ve had cos they’re like the awesomest people ever… Crazy dance moves, and for some reason I’m now hopelessly in love with the dougie…

For those of you who haven’t heard of the dougie, watch this.

It’s a pretty “fail-proof” dance move if you ask me… you can switch up the movements according to the beats… try it the next time you go party! =)

here’s the original from Cali Swag

♥ jean

Rainy Mondays…

don’t they always get you down?

i was working on some stuff over the weekend, hope this lot will add a little cheer to the gloomy monday!

remake of summer trio and c’est la vie rings for Irene :)

and these two were quite the challenge! cos i haven’t been needle felting for awhile, was really worried i would needle stab my fingers. surprisingly, i didn’t!

a teal pacman ring and a color block glee ring for Safiah :)

hope it’s what you had in mind hun!

anyhooooos, guess everyone is dead tired from the weekend, i know i am… had a really impromptu bbq with half of the 1 or 8 last night and got thrown into the pool (AS USUAL!) and the food was really amazing! speaking of food, i just remembered i’ve been to tons of new places and yet haven’t had time to share my food finds. let’s keep our fingers crossed that i’ll have time to sit down and catch up with my blog this week.

remember to bring a brolly wherever you go this week! i reckon the wet weather is here to stay for abit!

♥ jean

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