The ClubCouture Giveaway!

Doesn’t the word “giveaway” almost automatically send thrills up your spine? ClubCouture is giving away the above items this week! And it’s really easy to take part in this little giveaway!

1. Click here to join ClubCouture on Facebook

2. click here to go to the giveaway album

Leave a comment on the photo of the item you’d like to win and get as many friends as possible to “like” your comment. The girl who garners the most “likes” wins! Easy peasy! =)

contest ends 14th november so start commenting and telling your friends! Good luck girls! =)

Here’s me in one of my latest ClubCouture stash… The chiffon nude dress. It’s got a pretty vintage appeal… I love it for lazy days when I can’t figure out what to wear! I have my eyes on a few new additions to the store… Go check them out! =)

( Shop clubcouture today! )

♥ jean

Like it, and You Could WIN IT!

as most of you would know, i’ve been sick the entire first week of may, and still not exactly in tip top shape this week…


so… i haven’t exactly gone out very much in. plus, the weather has been absolutely crazy hot! but that’s no excuse not to have fun, right? okay, being sick isn’t very much fun, but i’m glad i was able to keep comfy in these tank tops! i love their cropped length, they go fab with my harem pants! perfect for lounging around at home or heading to the mall. i’ll go pretty much anywhere in these actually…

there’s a whole load of other ways you can wear these tanks, but forgive this sick puppy for sticking with the basics this time (cos the fever really fried a good lot of my brain cells this week)

i guess you girls could use some retail theraphy, so i’ve got awesome news!

YEESSSS! ClubCouture is giving away a set of their new signature tank tops (seen on me above) + $50 worth of ClubCouture vouchers to one very lucky girl!

you can’t buy the tank tops, at least not yet, only the ambassadors have it (Aren’t we so lucky?)

so YOU could be the only other person to own these tanks!

mmmm, there is a catch tho…

this one very lucky girl will be randomly picked from votes gathered from the ambassador who gets the most “likes” on facebook at the end of this little contest. so, for a shot at it, first things first…

( the link will open in a new window, so once you’re a fan, click on my photo above to take you to my photo on facebook and CLICK LIKE )

and then once you’re done,


Voting ends 20th May 2010

remember, if i manage to get the most votes, you’ll get a chance to win the goodies! good luck girls!

love, jean

ClubCouture : Behind The Scenes

gosh time really flies, we’re already at the end of January!

earlier this month, the ClubCouture Fashion Ambassadors finally gathered for a shoot… well, a few shoots rather. it was really tough getting everyone together so we were split into “groups”.

i did mine with Hui Rong, aka Paperger, who blogs for My Fat Pocket. she’s really so much better than me at shoots..

lesbian tendencies?

it was really different from the shoots i’m used to doing with Neng… we used a black backdrop, and i’ve never shot on black! it has always been with white, or pink! but there’s a first time for everything i guess…

and first times aren’t always easy… shooting with a photographer you haven’t been previously acquainted with can take a little getting used to. i didn’t really have a clear vision of what they were trying to achieve, and taking directions on the spot wasn’t exactly easy, especially if you’ve got like 4 or 5 other people in the studio… the feeling of being watched… definitely something i’m not very used to! i’m more used to being the fun girl, not so much the sexy one… so i really had to control bursting out when i was told not to smile… grrrrrrrrrrrr

but anyways, we all managed in the end didn’t we? and i got to wear one of my favourite black dresses… it’s very rarely i find a tube dress that fits my very small frame!

here’s a final shot of Hui Rong and I! :)

check out Hui Rong’s blog :

Paperger (Huirong) :

if you think there’s just two of us, you’re wrong! so here are the rest of the ClubCouture ambassadors… you’ll probably find most of them very familiar….

Melissa & Rachel, if you don’t know these girls… well, you must have been living under a rock all this time!

believe it or not, all 3 of us used to be from the same convent school!

check out their blogs!

Rachel Kum :
Melissa Faith Yeo :

and then there’s Agri, Holly, and Karen!

I met Karen when we signed the ambassadors contract, she looks really really young for her age! i haven’t yet met Agri and Holly in person, but i do hope the opportunity will present itself!

see their blogs here!

Holly Jean : http://holly–
Agri Velt :
Renzze (Karen) :

and here’s another shot of me in another of my favourite ClubCouture pieces! it’s really one of my favourite pieces to wear, with denim shorts or with leggings… it’s lightweight, making it perfect for our hot weather! with buttons at the side and sleeves, it’s a plaid shirt with a difference!

and thanks to the girls at ClubCouture,

a lucky someone will win this shirt! (in size small)

all you have to do is leave a comment under this post, tell me which is your favourite bamboopandalove blog entry, and why! please submit your comments by 6th February 2010!

best answer wins! so start reading the rest of my blog and pick your favourite entry!

meanwhile, check out ClubCouture’s new additions, and  don’t forget to enter the code “JEANINE15” to enjoy 15% off your purchase!

ps : now with FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

( click here to go to ClubCouture )

love, jean

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