Stay Home Sundays…

i hate short weekends… who doesn’t eh?

well, ben got out late on friday night and had to play a gig at Blujaz, i didn’t see him until saturday evening for mass and dinner and back to camp he went. it feels like monday, but i’ve got the sunday blues. well, not that much come to think of it, i actually got quite a few things done today!

but first, some new additions i’ve been working on the past week :)

another iphone cosy inspired by my new wallet from Juicy Couture… and a matching keyring too!

and then i also did…

ps : FREE SHIPPING on selected items in BAGS & CARRY THINGS!

plus price reductions!

i’m also re-addicted to carving rubber stamps! if you’ve purchased anything recently, you would have received little cupcake gift tags… those are hand stamped with stamps hand carved by me :)

here’s a sneak at some of my latest… i’m still not sure how much they should sell for considering they’re all hand made…

thoughts and suggestions, anyone? :)

Jeanine Gabrielle : Year End Promotions!


i have personally hand-carved a couple of new rubber stamps for cards and gift tags, and you’ll be receiving these with your orders this year end!

November Perks :

♥ Spend S$20 to receive TWO random gift tags

♥ Spend S$50 to receive THREE random gift tags and ONE gift card

♥ Spend S$80 to receive THREE random gift tags and ONE gift card + $5 0ff voucher

+ surprise gift for orders above $100

terms and conditions apply

You can also purchase the gift cards and tags seperately! Details will be up soon :)


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