still going gaga over bows


lady gaga’s bow may be a little too over the top to be practical for an everyday style,

but this simple black bow headband will add a polished and sophisticated chic look! wear your hair up or down.

style tip : if wearing hair up, keep the headband in place with a couple of black bobby pins!

(right) sharrie does lady gaga! care bear style!

gaga over gaga's bow?



during my photoshoot on monday, when i randomly bundled my hair into a high bun, i accidentally pushed the centre down and this is what came out of it! so i say, ignore the very overgrown bangs cos this was ever so random a shot.

but the fact is, people are going gaga over LADY GAGA’S big hair bow… even other celebrities have gone gaga!


so much so that people are even selling fake hair bow on eBay!


i haven’t seen anyone spotting the bow here in Singapore…

so, would you wear gaga’s bow?

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