after a whole day of DI…


Picture 15

the whole day, my screen looked something like this…

but i finally picked a couple of favourites… we definitely up-ed the attitude in this shoot!

but before i proceed, please note :

1. all the clothes you see will be available for sale on THE CLOSET LOVER. (unless otherwise stated)

2. i don’t own TCL, i’m just the model! :D


i am so so in love with this shot!

i don’t know, there’s just something about it that i can’t quite figure out….

_MG_2291 _MG_2344

we tried some crazy hair-dos!

the gaga bow and well, the other one ben calls it Mulan. >_<

_MG_2391 _MG_2377

now, who says you can’t wear a blazer with shorts?

ps : the blazer is for sale, i will post details soon. this one is not from TCL.


this one i like too…

used the cream flower hair clip as a brooch! will be up for sale soon!


haha this one is totally rockin’ my socks!

i used the zipper rose headband as a wrist accessory, can’t quite call it a bracelet can i?

okay, that’s quite enough sneaks for now. i have to go back to being busy…


hair raisers!


so i’ve been talking about doing this whole page dedicated to hair accessories… i’m working on it! really! by this week it’ll be done i so so promise… but meanwhile, here are the sneaks! i know i look a tad impish in the photo… i did that on purpose, but you’re supposed to get an idea of how you can wear these pretty things in so many ways! they double up as hair ties too!


this one i like ALOT… aren’t the cream rosettes just absolutely darling?

and then, cos ben was out watch soccer and i was bored… i started playing with the pandas…


(bolster is one of my new pandas from shanghai btw. we call him that cos he’s round just like a bolster!)


oh well… the things you do when you get bored… i’m so hitting the sack soon.


going gaga!


gaga hair!

i was just messing around, and hey this “version” of the gaga bow is really very easy to do! i didn’t even have bobby pins in this. just one rubber band and very long hair! and it takes just 1 min to do!

anyways, happy national day everyone! tho i’m really not a very patriotic person. time to hit the shower then get ready for mass, and then we’re gonna have a yummmmmmmy japanese bbq dinner at Daidomon!


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