mobile doodles!

I usually pull out my moleskine and start doodling on long train or bus rides. Last week I downloaded a new android app called “Drawing Pad”. It’s not bad, but not great either. While it does offer a relatively wide range of colors, as well as the option of changing your “paper” color, you can’t adjust the pen thickness, so all outlines and details are a little too thick for my liking. With some modifications, it might move up my list, but here are some doodles I did with the paid version of Drawing Pad.

It’s looking like a wet weekend, but have a good one anyway! :) xx

this is the funniest thing ever! gosh


kester andrews will always believe that she is better than that but just too stubborn to realise it says: (12:02:18 AM)

” the entire morning i was at home, talking on the phone and around 1, i started packing up to leave the house therefore i placed my cordless in my pocket cause i want to left outside my room. so i went off, dashed to my car and went to plaza sing then i was walking to SMU, i felt a bulge in my left pocket therefore i wondered what is it cause my handphone and mp3 is in my right pocket.

so i tried  to feel the left side… it felt bulky

it was my cordless phone.

i actually brought out my home phone with me…”

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