MooJaa, Singapore’s #1 Mookata!

Have you been to 25 Keong Saik Road?


By night, amidst a dark alley of pubs, backpacker inns and little food corners, you’ll find MooJaa, Singapore’s #1 Mookata!

Wait, Moo what?

Some time ago, I was invited to MooJaa to give Mookata a shot! Mookata literally means “pork skillet”,  and if you’re wondering about MooJaa… Well, it’s actually a popular slang word that means “my lovely pig”! I may have been living under a rock when it comes to Thai food, but the concept of a bbq and steamboat at the same time is actually very new to me. Up until now, the only bbq I’m familiar with is Korean. SO, how exactly does this whole Mookata thing work?


Let’s start with something to drink, shall we? Daddy and I had the Thai iced tea and Mummy decided to give the Lemongrass a shot. I’ve never tried Thai iced tea before so I can’t really tell you if it’s really Thai or not, I did like it though! Kinda like a Thai Teh-peng?


Forget oil and butter, at MooJaa they do it right with pork lard! Not only does it grease the surface and aid in cooking, at the end you also get a crunchy treat, you know, what we call “la pok”. YUM.

What’s on the menu?

It’s a free choice between Mookata sets, and ala carte dishes. For $39.90, you can enjoy Set Moo or Set Gai that comfortably feeds 2-3 people, depending on how hungry you are. If you’re a meat lover, Set Meat Lover priced at $55 will well satisfy your need for meat. If you prefer to pick out your own set then the Set Buffet is definitely for you! Priced at $32++, this allows you to order anything from the ala carte menu, buffet style! With the exception of a few select items, that is.

The full menu is available for reference on MooJaa’s Facebook page.


The meat and seafood are so fresh, any fresher and they’d still be alive. Ready to cook!


While waiting for your food to cook, you can enjoy some fish skin. Eat it crunchy or dip it really quick into the hot soup. It’s awesome either way, but I kinda like to eat them at their crunchiest! Think fish chips! The thing is, usually I get sick of fish skin after a couple bites, but there’s just something about MooJaa’s, we emptied the whole bowl! Well, if seafood doesn’t excite you….


This one you cannot pass on! I mean it! You cannot go to MooJaa and not try these amazing cheese balls! I’m actually hoping they retail this. I’m such a sucker for cheese stuffed anything. I know you think they look like ordinary meat balls, right? Well, looks may be deceiving…..


One bite releases an explosion of cheese! You’ve been warned, do take that first bite with caution. Pretty neat huh? Think nacho cheese in a meat ball. :)


Cooking in progress! Notice how there isn’t any smoke coming up? At MooJaa, Japanese white charcoal is used. This makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable, no smoke in your eyes, no oil spurting, no oil burns and you won’t leave in a sweat!


Perfectly browned! But before you dig in, make sure you have your dipping sauces ready!


I’m usually not a fan of sauces, at steamboats, the most I’ve used would be soy sauce but these 31 ingredient sauces are absolutely delish! So good I had a couple of refills, these sauces are home made with the freshest ingredients weekly, so you know you’re getting the very best. I heard these sauces will actually be made available for purchase!

Psstttt : The fish skins go really well with the sweet and sour seafood sauce!


The cherry on top has got to be the soup at all steamboats. A combination of meats, veggie juices and what have you, we drank the soup dry!


Thanks for the invitation to taste test MooJaa, Shaun! We had a great meal!

With affordable prices, a cosy ambience, quality food with a great taste, I’ll definitely be back for seconds! (And thirds?) MooJaa also has “private rooms” should you prefer a more intimate gathering with your family and friends. The only concern my parents had was the “night life” that goes around at Keong Saik since the place is littered with bars. You definitely wouldn’t want to expose the kiddies to girls clad in barely there shorts with ciggies and beers in their hands, so lunch might be a better idea if you have older folks and young tods in your party!

Make MooJaa your next go-to place with your best buds!


Think you can eat fast? MooJaa has a challenge for you!


Check out MooJaa on Facebook for more details! xx

dinner at kenny's (via cinnamonsin)

kenny rogers has been my favourite go to place for roasted chicken since i was a kid and no trip to kenny’s would be complete without a side order of mac & cheese and the potato salad. oddly, ed picked the exact two sides when we were at kenny’s for dinns last thursday!

i’m still trying to catch up with all my work backlogged from the seemingly, never-ending birthday celebrations (which have since come to a halt, for now at least) so i’m really glad ed took the time to blog about this! :)

Baskin Robbins / Kenny Rogers (Velocity) ED: I headed over to Velocity with fellow foodie Jeanine for waittt for it – BASKIN ROBBINS media invites grand opening! But we were early and hungry so we hiked escalators and scouted around for dinner. We were debating over a few choices. We checked out Salad Stop first, but the whole shop was GREEN in colour! Can you imagine? That made me stop and turn around it actually made me feel sick and not wanna eat my veggies anymore. We then headed to … Read More

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Quiznos (via cinnamonsin)

morning everyone! ♥
sorry for disappearing off the grid for so long… it’s been an insane past week to say the least, attended the grand opening of Baskin Robbins on thursday and the foodies threw a really fab hotel birthday party over the weekend!

it’s monday and it’s back to reality for most of us,  all good things must come to an end (how unfair!) some of the foodies are on leave, while i have tons of emails and orders to catch up with. before my blog gets stale, check out ed’s latest review on our visit to Quiznos! it’s my favourite place for subs by the way :)

i’ll be back with updates once i get some backlog out of the way, so bear with my “laggy-ness” for a bit. happy monday! :) love, jean

Quiznos ED: Recently i have been infected with a healthy eating disease. For the past week I’ve been eating oats, chicken breast, veggies, brown rice, fruits anything healthy and low in unhealthy fat! Those of you who know me would think I’m BSing but I’m not! Truth is I’m actually on a work out regimen which would work better with a healthy diet. But so far the regimen isn’t working as i ain’t working out as much cause I’ve been sick since last week :/ … Read More

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my 26th birthday at Lawry's The Prime Rib (via cinnamonsin)

after 3 days of celebrations, and 3 days of being back to reality, the fact that i’m already 26 still hasn’t really sunk in. butttttttttt, it was probably the best birthday ever! (or should i say so far in 26 years?) seriously, do you know anyone who celebrates their birthday for a whole 3 days?

the joys in my life right now, you should know all their names by now! and nicole of course, being nicole. she bought me those balloons and fyi, they’re still inflated and floating. i wonder if it will ever deflate?

mummy & daddy, who do i look like? everyone says i have mummy’s eyes, but that’s about it? :/

honestly i’ve never been the flower sort of girl. i used to be obsessed with blue roses at some point but that was a really long time ago and i never quite knew what to do with the flowers after they wither. i tried drying them to keep but then they just dry up and break down and become nothing. in the end i have to throw them away anyway..

the sunflower ed gave me :)

i never quite realised how cute sunflowers were. i have plans for this one when it withers… time to cultivate green fingers and try growing sunflowers outside my bedroom window! i hope it works? hahaha wish me luck! will probably need mummy’s expertise tho…

anyhoos! ed’s done a review on our dinner at Lawry’s! :)

Lawry's The Prime Rib ED: There’s something primal and prehistoric about having a gigantic roasted tenderloin trophy presented before everyone seated at the dinner table. My pupils enlarged and posture stiffened as the chef parked a shiny metallic sumo warmer right beside our table. The chef unintentionally teased us by lifting the lid once to check and everyone cranked their necks sideways just to take a peek! Which was a terrible mistake as the chef shut the lid and … Read More

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