when i look at this lot of stuff on my table, i can’t help but smile… it’s so much fun sewing them, sometimes i find it so hard to sell them! but, they are for sale. will be, SOON.

so just enjoy the eye candy for now, or…. go see what’s available for sale in store!

( the other things )

: pins, keyrings, bagcharms, felt plushies & more!

love, jean

sunday mornings…


i’ve always wanted to try making these… hahahha quite a noob first attempt but i’m sure i’ll get better at it! : )

i figured you could use these cupcakes for a whole lot of stuff! play food for kids…  pin cushions, decorative purposes, like just pop a few on your desk in the office, it’ll cheer everyone who passes by!


and look who’s got a banana!

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