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The first time I tried and reviewed Essential’s hair products was 4 years ago in October. Back then the orange range was named “Rich Premier”, and the pink range was named “Nuance Airy”. Ring a bell? You can read that review >> here.

5. New Essential Variant Introduction

What if I told you that Essential has come up with a solution for those of you who have “combination hair”? If you actually understand what I mean by combination hair, you should be rejoicing right about…NOW. If you don’t and have no idea if you do in fact have combination hair, well, just like how some of us have combination skin (which is extremely common), the same goes for hair, in this case you would have an oily scalp and roots, coupled with dry ends. Using products for oily hair to keep that oily scalp under control would dry your ends even more; whereas using products for dry hair to care for dry ends would do your oily scalp no good whatsoever.

So how exactly have you been washing your hair? Alternating between two different products? Or accepting your fate and living with either an oily scalp or dry ends?

I don’t know about you, but for me the priority has been keeping oil levels under control. I absolutely cannot stand that icky feeling halfway through the day when my hair starts to look and feel greasy, dry shampoos have helped but used long term, those really manage to rack up quite a bill. But what else could I do? There was nothing in the market that was made for combination hair, until now.

This October, Essential relaunched it’s hair products with brand new packaging, improved formulas and a new variant for those with combination hair.

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I received the above products best suited for my hair’s needs after answering two simple questions as seen in the table below.


If you would like to use a more extensive range of hair care, this would be a guide based on the same two questions.


With 4 different variants catering to varying hair needs, you can be sure that there is something for your hair type.

  1. Nourishing Breakage Defense (orange) – For weak & damaged hair
  2. Moisturizing Frizz-Free (pink) – For dull & rough hair
  3. Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) – For flat and limp hair
  4. Deep Cleansing Care (blue) – For oily scalp & dry ends

New Essential has Microfine All Smooth Essence which delivers nutrients to repair damaged hair surface from root to tip, whereas conventional technology concentrates mainly at the roots only.

The Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) and Deep Cleansing Care (blue) variants have the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology to target both problems of roots and hair ends. As a result, you will experience the best of both worlds with one product – airy light roots and moisturized ends.


After using the products for about two weeks, I have noticed that my scalp doesn’t get oily as quickly, which means I can get away with not washing my hair in the morning if I did the night before. My hair is significantly more manageable with no tangles and less frizzy ends after using the hair mask, my only grouse is the 10 minute waiting time to enjoy the full benefits of the product which would last up to 7 days. On days I feel my hair could use a little more love than just shampoo, I use the conditioner or treatment that doesn’t require a wait time of 3-10 minutes. In fact, the treatment works in a matter of 30 seconds!

My hair also dries relatively quicker, this allows me to hit the sack as soon as possible after a late night since I am not a fan of blow drying my hair. I must say I particularly love the fragrance of the Light Finish Volumnizing shampoo, it would be great if the whole range smells the same!

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 The range is affordably priced at $4.50 for a 200ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner and $11.50 for a 750ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Hair masks are priced at $9.90 a tub. This price is the same for all variants and is available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores like Watson’s and Guardian Pharmacy.

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Advertorial : Essential Hair Essence

hey girls! been awhile since i reviewed beauty products, butttttt, i’m finally getting back into the swing of things! here’s one for all your pretty tresses! :)

a lil under two weeks ago, i received a whole lot of products from Essential. These included products from the Damage Care Nuance Airy and Damage Care Rich Premier range.

as most of you would know, my hair is pretty long… my mum often says my hair looks “dead” and lifeless. but i’m just not ready to chop off a significant length of my hair! While the Rich Premier range promises to smooth and manage antamable hair, I decided to try out the Nuance Airy range to give my hair more bounce!

this is what i’ve been using for the past 10 days :)

From left : Essential damage care Nuance Airy shampoo, conditioner, treatment and hair mask! And they all smell really really yummy! The combination of milk, honey and wild rose components give it a really light fruity floral scent which I totally love.

i hate frizzy hair! :(

I shampoo once or twice daily, depending on whether I go out or not… The conditioner is suitable for daily use, but I use it every 2 to 3 days, alternating with the treatment. The hair mask is recommended to be used 1 to 2 times a week, and I’ve used it just once in the past 10 days.

After the first wash, I already noticed a difference. Few days later, my hair became really easy to brush through! I usually take like 5 minutes to get the tangles out of my hair but since I’ve been using Essential, within a minute my hair is tangle-free!

I’m really in love with the Nuance Airy anti-frizz serum hair essence (right in photo below), it really works wonders on my tresses! :)

i also tried the Rich Premier hair essence, which is a nourishing care lotion with the consistency of a moisturiser. The Nuance Airy hair essence on the other hand is a clear, almost water like liquid. I can’t quite decide which one I like more tho!

Okay, I guess I’m leaning towards the Nuance Airy hair essence! Loveee the results! The photo below speaks for itself…. the difference is really drastic!

I’m sure you can tell which portion of my hair I used the essence on!

…Hope you girls found this review helpful. I’m definitely going to continue using Essential’s products!

Thank you Essential! :)

♥ jean

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