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went to the airport earlier to send aunty yvonne off… she’s gone back to sydney. i feel kinda bad actually, i didn’t spend very much time with her during her trip back here… oh well. maybe i should pop by sydney soon. lol

anyhoos, on a more positive note… guess what came in the mail for me today?

it’s my agnès b. spring summer collection tote! directly from japan! it’s like sold out in singapore, and they finally did one in a size big enough that i would use so i just had to get it. definitely more expensive than what i would have paid for it at kino but, oh well… i’ve got it now!

i think Mio ( the seller ) still has one or more of these left, if you’re interested to grab one too, try checking out her store :

nyanko neko

if you need help cos you don’t have an ebay account or a credit card, feel free to shout for help.. :)

love, jean

Addicted to JUICY

somehow my wallets don’t last me very long… i have a few wallets from GUESS, but i never really used them… (i’ll probably try to sell them off soon, they’re in perfect condition!) the one i’m using now is getting kinda cranky too with the turn lock so i decided to look for a new one…  couldn’t quite decide what to buy so i figured for once i should stop buying cheap wallets and get a good one!

found this gorgeous JUICY COUTURE wallet on ebay! it’s a darling! i fell in love with the colors the moment i saw it!

and it’s mine now! can’t wait for it to arrive!

i’m so addicted to JUICY right now… i can’t stop looking at all the charms they have… gosh they carry a heavy price tag too. lol

ps : i’m letting JUICY inspire my new designs… :)

from Korea with love!


i ordered these from ebay about a week ago and got them today! yipppie! :)


Hanskin’s Control Skin BB Cream

i tried a tiny bit on my nose the moment i got this, the texture is silky and it spreads very easily and blends perfectly!


Etude House BB Compact Mineral Powder


Etude House Make up Essence

aren’t the little beads in the bottle just so so cute?


and they threw in these free samples too!

If you would like to get these or other such products, you can check out JINASTAR on ebay… the seller is really nice! :)


ebay is ♥

it’s really amazing what you can find on ebay sometimes…


cost me USD$49.90 for the sneakers alone. here comes the OUCH FACTOR. the shipping cost me another USD$29.99…

but but i’m glad i finally managed to get at least one of the many pairs of sneakers that i was eyeing. i give up on FINISHLINE.com! cos they refuse to ship international, i thought i’d ship to a friend in the US and get her to ship it to me, but guess what? THEY DON’T EVEN TAKE NON-USA issued credit cards! so now i have like over $400 of “pending transactions” waiting to be dropped back into my bank account.

harajukunottinhilltoteand just awhile ago i snagged another fab deal on ebay!


but then again, the shipping is another USD$9.99… but it still comes up to just over S$30? for a HARAJUKU LOVERS tote, i say not bad at all! now i just can’t wait to get my paws on all my stuff… i’m still waiting for my pvc leggings to arrive! i got a total of  pairs of the same thing!


celebrity inspiration much?

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