Love from The UK!

amanda purchased the cheshire cat iphone cosy and the drink me ring, and sent her love all the way from the uk!

thanks much amanda, for the sweet gesture :)

ps : if you can’t get enough of alice in wonderland, more alice-inspired items to be released this week! i won’t say when, so stick around!

love, jean

Alice in Wonderland

can’t get enough of the movie? a big fan of Alice? well i’m working on some Alice in Wonderland-inspired pieces!

you know i always put up sneaks right?

this one’s a ring…. i’m working on studs too. what else would you girls like to see in store?

i’ve got new earstuds just done too, they’re pretty little daisies and i put a pearl in the centre… haven’t had time to edit the photos yet, so probably by next week. sorry girls, going to church 3 times this week doesn’t make me a very free person. haha sooo please bear with me for a little longer before we kick back into full swing!

loads of new stuff coming up, you heard it here first.

ps : go get a copy of HER WORLD APRIL! one of my necklaces is featured on page 172. awesome! :)

love, jean