mobile doodles!

I usually pull out my moleskine and start doodling on long train or bus rides. Last week I downloaded a new android app called “Drawing Pad”. It’s not bad, but not great either. While it does offer a relatively wide range of colors, as well as the option of changing your “paper” color, you can’t adjust the pen thickness, so all outlines and details are a little too thick for my liking. With some modifications, it might move up my list, but here are some doodles I did with the paid version of Drawing Pad.

It’s looking like a wet weekend, but have a good one anyway! :) xx

kiddy treasure!

the other day i was going through boxes of my old stuff and look what i found!


my casio magic diary and a virtual pet! it’s not a tamagotchi, but it works the same way… but the battery is dead, i wonder if it’ll work if i replace the batteries! hmmmmm

‘m also getting addicted to doodling all over my photos… i need a drawing pad for my mac!!!