For You, You & You!

been working on a couple of customisations this week… here are some i’ve just completed!

for Jolene, a remake of the cream peony hair clip ($21) and two customised woodtile rings.

and here are some fun ones! :)

hope everyone will be happy with their pieces…  sure had loads of fun making them! :)

love, jean


okay i think my wrist and fingers are starting to get abit messed up from 2 days of so much sewing… but anyway, more stuff i just finished earlier!

another domo pouch for iphone, but this one has a red mouth instead of pink!

domo for iphone is $24 excluding shipping, send me an email or leave me a comment if you want one! :)

and then there’s Onigiri!

this one was made to fit a pack of cigs!

smoking is bad people, and i don’t promote smoking, and i don’t smoke. but if you do smoke, do it in moderation please!

and i made my blackberry a pouch too!


i need a sewing break, really. grrrrr

weekend muses!


left : *exclusive! bejewelled $26

a pretty mix of purples, gold and teal… weekend perfect i say!

right : *exclusive! fancy houndstooth $16

this modest piece will take you from a week in the office to weekends at the mall, adding a chic look to any outfit!

june09-tweeet june09-theonetruelove

left : tweeet! S$12 – by remake only

inspired by the twitter bird, this little tweeet will have your friends tweeeting all weekend!

right : the one true love S$15

catch that hottie’s attention with this conversation starter…

could he be the one true love you’ve been waiting for?

june09-pimpmyridepimp my ride! S$7

fancy a ride? this quirky keyring will perk up any bunch of keys!

the boys will love this one too!

june09-blurpins IMG_4718

left : set of four BLUR bottlecap brooches S$12

handmade with bottlecaps and cut outs

right : cuts both ways S$5

this quirky double dagger brooch will make an interesting edition to a blazer…

not recommended for work, of course.


and this…. is the super mini version of “i bleed for chanel” it’s the size of a 10 cent coin!

remakes available at $20 each.

june09-domoholder june09-tickets

left : domo ipod nano / card holder $22

handsewn with love! fits an ipod nano or a stack or cards… comes ipon nano ready with a hole for threading your earpiece!

right : tickets please! $12 {sold}

a quirky card case with vintage carnival tickets to boot!

june09-clue2 june09-clue1

*exclusive! CLUE card case S$12

made from used CLUE game sheets, sewn together with plastic sheets, this is one card holder you’re gonna love showing off!

more updates soon, i’ll be off to update the website proper now!


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