dim sum dollies!

i went topshop shopping with the girls (mimi, clara, & nicole) on tuesday and boy did we go on a massive shopping spree! bad planning though, we really shouldn’t have waited till the last day of may to use my 20% birthday discount, but anyhoos! total damage for the day including pre-shopping at miss selfridge + dinner + snacks i’d say we spent about $1k that day. (seriously? gulps)

we had dim sum from fortunate restaurant located within food republic at wisma. i’ve been craving dim sum for the longest time and this pacified me a bit, but i’m still not entirely content cos they didn’t have all the dishes i wanted.. (MAJOR HINT) i guess you can’t ask too much of dim sum in a food court huh? knock yourselves out! :)


xiao long bao / prawn dumplings with scallop / har gau


siew mai / chee cheong fun with shrimp / paper wrapped chicken

the bill came up to $24 for a total of 6 dishes, i think that’s pretty reasonable. urrrrrr, but considering 3 siew mais cost more than $1 on an average of $4 per dish… maybe not. i’m sure there are places that offer more value for money.

taste wise it wasn’t too bad, although the xlbs didn’t have as much broth in them as i wish they did and they tend to get really stuck to the paper. (which means the “skin” tears and i lose more broth!) the paper wrapped chicken was really too dry even tho it tasted quite nice. to make things worse there was hardly any meat on it. too skinny! chickens getting slaughtered should never be granted diets! pfftt!

mmmmm, i keep hearing of this red star restaurant that supposedly has dim sum that kicks ass. *tummy rumbles

…now, who wants to take me out for dim sum? *grins

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