Occupational Hazards.

if you thought making accessories is a very safe job, well….

this was yesterday by the way…

first i cut my thumb, i don’t know how but i did… i’m guessing it was a slip of the pliers… and then, i pricked the very tip of my finger… see that red pool collecting in my nail bed? yea that’s blood. not nail polish. ben’s just gonna gimme the face when he sees this.. lol he’s given up on me cos i’m so accident prone…

i wonder if one day i’ll drill a hole through my finger? OUCH.

anyway, i had to do abit more sewing today to “mend” my top cos the embroidery had all come off after one wash, i haven’t even gotten down to wearing it and it got ruined! :(

see? :(

but oh well, i think i did some pretty good damage control, it’s not 100% perfect but at least i can wear it now…

and if the threads come off the next time i put this in the wash, i just sew it back again? patience is all it takes! :)

was working on a couple of new stuff today… photos are more or less done, uploaded but i haven’t gone through them… if they pass my standards then you might see new designs tonight! well it’s almost time for dinner….

can you hear my tummy growl? :D

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