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Come year end, we all start fretting about shopping for gifts. Some of us fret all year round with endless birthday celebrations, but that’s where the challenge is! Everyone has different likes, dislikes, different tastes, needs, the list is endless. This can make shopping for something ready-made a real nightmare, plus it can take up a lot of time. Have you ever found yourself hopping from store to store to find something appropriate, only to end up buying a huge teddy bear?

It can be as simple as giving me an idea, and having the finished product shipped directly to you, anywhere in the world. :)

My aim is to make customisable gifts affordable for everyone, and yet bring bigger smiles to your loved ones than any store bought teddy. There’s just something about handmade, the personal touch, knowing it was made by a person and not pressed out of a factory machine. There’s just something about it that you can’t put your finger on. They’ll always think of you when they use their gift. And I guess my customers will think of me too? *laughs

Ada’s collage of her pluggy purchase.

A lot of work and time goes into creating a handmade piece, but when the product is ready, shipped out, and received, I know it’s all worth it.

My customers are the “proof” that this is so. :)

This email came in last night from Nadiah. She had a keyring customised for her bff and a cosy for her mum’s birthday that’s over a week away.

“Jean thank you again! My friend was speechless! I really can’t thank you for the effort! The box and card all! Thank you Jean! Ill always pray god blesses you! You’re too nice already! Will order again in nov okay! Heh I got too excited I gave my mom her present also! She was like “omg!!!” I gotta thank you again Jean! Terribly happy! Xoxo!”

If you would like to order customised gifts for the year end season, you might want to do so ahead of time so that I will have adequate time to work through your orders. Every piece is handmade with lots of love to go around. :)

SHOP : Jeanine Gabrielle

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Have a great weekend everyone!

much ♥, jean

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