Where's Wally Now?

Made a customised set of matching necklace & bracelet based on “Where’s Wally Now?” for a friend’s friend’s birthday!

If you’re up for a challenge, try finding Wally in this picture! (It’s past 1am now so I blame my inability to find Wally on fatigue.)

I’ve added a resin coat over the hand drawn charms, this means the charms are now scratch resistant & waterproof! (DOUBLE YAY!)

If you’d like to purchase a customised gift for your friend or for yourself (why not?)  feel free to email me at jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com. I’ll be glad to custom make something that promises to be unique & personalised.

See more of my customisations on Facebook and in store.

Have a great week ahead everyone! More updates this week! xx

May Babies!

customised necklace and keyring for Juvena’s friends :)

Happy Birthday Girls!

ps : the white bows are back in stock in very limited quantities, price range for customising something like the pieces above is between $24-$30 each, depending on your choice of charms and what’s in the bottlecap.

love, jean

I'm Back! :)

well sorta… and trying very hard to catch up. so, let’s start with some customisations i managed to finish up. sorry for taking longer than usual huns!

a foldover pouch and two iphone cosies to go!

Maggie ordered some keyrings for the girls…

she got rings too but i’m still working on them, will add photos once they’re ready!

and Vivien got two rings and a necklace…

gee i can’t believe it’s friday already… one more video shoot tomorrow… ppfft. hope you all had a less intense week. :S

i’ll upload photos of the lambo and bentley soon enough!

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