All in a day's work :)

remake of the rock chic ring ($16) for kaixin and madison pin in yellow/gray for ($19) hannah

if you’d like to purchase the rock chic ring please note that i can only remake 2 more pieces before i run out of the bling bling ring :)

really took a risk with this one! celeste, i know it’s totally different from the colors you asked for but i couldn’t resist how pretty this lot of colors came together somehow!

ps : these are the new wood tiles i have in store, they’re can be painted whatever color you like! well, with the exception of some i guess…

there’s more new stuff to go in the store but i’m gonna call it a night pretty soon so i’ll leave that for next week i reckon. busy busy weekend ahead, and my week technically ends tonight…

Feel The LOVE!

customised couple keyrings for terry and neil’s 2nd year together…

congrats lovebirds! :)

the cats are characters from kiki’s delivery service. i didn’t know this until i googled it. otherwise, i was under the impression that kiki’s delivery service was, well… a delivery service!

it’s true what they say, you learn something new everyday.

"the alcoholic duo"

another pair of couple keyrings, this pair is for Janice and her hubby!

the “his” keyring is the same as one i made for ben last year… last year? yea i think so. haha

ps : please note that remakes for anything with beer bottlecaps will only be available as and when we drink :)

love, jean

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