Shop Like A VIP!

get ready for some major RETAIL THERAPY!

most of you have enjoyed using the 15% discount, but this time, it’s doubled.

For the first time ever, ClubCouture is organising a 12 hour, facebook-only, PRIVATE SALE, and YOU are exclusively invited. The best part is, you won’t have to queue before opening hours, and, you won’t have to push and pull at someone’s hair to get what you want. :)

the offer code is ONLY going to be released on facebook, so (step one) click on the image below to become a fan.

don’t forget to RSVP for the Sale while you’re there!

remember the post i did about our photoshoot last month?

well, there’s more to it. our photos are all up on the page so have fun clicking through them. there’s this really GEEKY photo of me, see if you find it!

PS : this really pretty obi waist strapless dress is still up for grabs! and it even comes in purple now! it retails at $39, so on the day of the sale, you’ll only have to pay $27.30 for it! :)

in addition, by being a fan, you’ll be kept up to date on ClubCouture’s latest happenings, and future exclusive sales just like this one! you can also read about the ambassadors, and what fashion styles we lean towards.

now, i have a little something to share…

Jeanine’s Crucial “BE SMART” Shopping Tip :

since we’re still about 3 days to the sale, i would suggest you start “window shopping” once you’re done reading this.

Create an account, and you’ll be able to save items you’re eyeing to purchase under your wishlist. this way, you won’t panic if you wake up late (like 1105am) cos everything you want to buy would be saved under your wishlist and you will be able to add them to your shopping bag with a simple click!

if you’re really worried someone’s going to grab that pretty dress first, then you might want to try adding the items to your shopping bag just before the offer code is released and enter it at checkout once the sale officially begins!

don’t forget our date,

love, jean

Buttered Week!

someone please tell me it isn’t friday already… BUT IT IS, ISN’T IT?

i can’t believe the whole week flew by just like that… people have come and gone, too.

wednesday as we all know it, BUTTER COOKIES at The Butter Factory. it’s been awhile since i’ve gone to butter come to think of it… and wednesday was pretty awesome :) but first, we had dinner at Overeasy! can’t have a meal there without an order of our favourite sliders. pity we got there late, the STI had closed lower that day and the sliders were going for $1 each before 7pm! grrrrrrrr

i had my jumbo prawns, but i realise i’m sorta losing the love for that dish…

and then my good old friend Jones came down for an after-work drink with me! he was the first one that night to “complain” about how much weight i’ve lost… >_<

remember this photo! this was like 11pm, before i had anything to drink.

100% SOBER.

( and before my makeup totally got messed up, you’ll see )

DJ Andrew T, aka Handsome T. that’s ben’s brother by the way, blood brother!

MC Tech One and DJ Edo in Bump. and that’s Willis in the back btw.

bump was insanely, well, BUMPED! squeezing through from the VIP exit to the dj console took me more than 5 minutes each time i swear! sheeeeeeesh. hot, sweaty bodies all around. it was so much more comfortable in fash…

gosh, half of ben’s head is gone… cool huh? i see my long island tea….

and ben found some new “Fans”!

i think they did tell me their names, but gosh i just can’t quite remember… but but but! if my drunken memory serves me correctly, the girl should be… Laura? Laura is that you???

( click here to go see the “you’re the best DJ of all time” video on facebook! )

okay, remember the earlier photo at 11pm? now the next photo was taken at past 3am… after maybe like, 4 or 5 rum and pineapples, long island tea and some straight from the bottle i don’t know what…

here’s eka and meee

i think i was still pretty much alive actually!

and eka got me BAILEYS chocolate as a farewell gift… i’m not going anywhere. he’s actually left for Perth already.

thanks eka! (for the little note too) anddd as of now….out of the 19 pieces of chocolate, i’ve already eaten 3.

and then… i made it home by 5am cos we went to SPIZE. and guess what?

on thursday night, we went to Butter, AGAIN!

it was “THE PULL”, some singles night. we didn’t stay long tho… left after ONE drink, cos ben had to go back to camp…. NS WOES!

so here’s a last one of the boys….

ben, edo, willis…

anyway, possibly one of my favourite dresses at the moment….

another outfit by ClubCouture, it’s the Piper’s Lace Dress :) want one for yourself?

( click here to go check it out )

and don’t forget to enter the code JEANINE15 at checkout to get 15% off your order!

that’s all for now, toooodles!

And The Winner Is…

Yi Jing!

She chose “What were we thinking?” dated October 21st 2009 as her favourite blog post.

and- Says:

hey jeanine i like the post “What were we thinking?” on October 21, 2009. Haha sort of identifies with it, and I’m surprised by your honesty! Everyone has some dark past and hide some skeletons in their closets. Yours seem…somewhat way more dramatic than the average man but you seem to emerge a happier person than the average man as well!

and guess who picked the winner? ben did!

it was really tough, so i let ben do the honors this time. good pick tho, “what were we thinking” was one of my more intense, reflective posts… thanks everyone who participated, this is just the beginning of the giveaways in 2010… so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win this time!

ps : if you’re clueless about what’s going on, Yi Jing has won herself a flannel shirt, proudly sponsored by ClubCouture!

Congrats Yi Jing! I’ll be in touch with you shortly! :)

love, jean

ClubCouture : Behind The Scenes

gosh time really flies, we’re already at the end of January!

earlier this month, the ClubCouture Fashion Ambassadors finally gathered for a shoot… well, a few shoots rather. it was really tough getting everyone together so we were split into “groups”.

i did mine with Hui Rong, aka Paperger, who blogs for My Fat Pocket. she’s really so much better than me at shoots..

lesbian tendencies?

it was really different from the shoots i’m used to doing with Neng… we used a black backdrop, and i’ve never shot on black! it has always been with white, or pink! but there’s a first time for everything i guess…

and first times aren’t always easy… shooting with a photographer you haven’t been previously acquainted with can take a little getting used to. i didn’t really have a clear vision of what they were trying to achieve, and taking directions on the spot wasn’t exactly easy, especially if you’ve got like 4 or 5 other people in the studio… the feeling of being watched… definitely something i’m not very used to! i’m more used to being the fun girl, not so much the sexy one… so i really had to control bursting out when i was told not to smile… grrrrrrrrrrrr

but anyways, we all managed in the end didn’t we? and i got to wear one of my favourite black dresses… it’s very rarely i find a tube dress that fits my very small frame!

here’s a final shot of Hui Rong and I! :)

check out Hui Rong’s blog :

Paperger (Huirong) :

if you think there’s just two of us, you’re wrong! so here are the rest of the ClubCouture ambassadors… you’ll probably find most of them very familiar….

Melissa & Rachel, if you don’t know these girls… well, you must have been living under a rock all this time!

believe it or not, all 3 of us used to be from the same convent school!

check out their blogs!

Rachel Kum :
Melissa Faith Yeo :

and then there’s Agri, Holly, and Karen!

I met Karen when we signed the ambassadors contract, she looks really really young for her age! i haven’t yet met Agri and Holly in person, but i do hope the opportunity will present itself!

see their blogs here!

Holly Jean : http://holly–
Agri Velt :
Renzze (Karen) :

and here’s another shot of me in another of my favourite ClubCouture pieces! it’s really one of my favourite pieces to wear, with denim shorts or with leggings… it’s lightweight, making it perfect for our hot weather! with buttons at the side and sleeves, it’s a plaid shirt with a difference!

and thanks to the girls at ClubCouture,

a lucky someone will win this shirt! (in size small)

all you have to do is leave a comment under this post, tell me which is your favourite bamboopandalove blog entry, and why! please submit your comments by 6th February 2010!

best answer wins! so start reading the rest of my blog and pick your favourite entry!

meanwhile, check out ClubCouture’s new additions, and  don’t forget to enter the code “JEANINE15” to enjoy 15% off your purchase!

ps : now with FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

( click here to go to ClubCouture )

love, jean

Meet Goldilocks!

my bag is from The Purse Heaven!

mention “Jeanine” when making an order to enjoy 5% off your entire purchase! :)

( click here to visit The Purse Heaven )

i loveeeeeee my dress. it’s from CLUBCOUTURE by the way, if you like it go check the website, it should still be available. the cardi too!

it’s got really pretty frilly flowers on it…

okay back to work. got lots to do… by the way, i was nominated as 9th January’s CHIC GIRL OF THE DAY! voting for week 2 will begin on the 14th of January, please vote for me then? :)

love, jean

Kick off 2010 with CLUBCOUTURE!

hey girls!

2010 is just around the corner, and boy am i excited! if you’ve been reading my blog, you would remember this little dress…

i can always trust CLUBCOUTURE to have an outfit for every occassion… and after the past few months of collaborations with them, i’m more than happy to announce that… the great deals don’t end when 2009 does… cause…


so expect a whole year of great fashion ahead! and for those of you who recently tried using the “JEANINE15” code unsuccessfully, you’ll be glad to know that it has been fixed and you should be able to use it now! :)

in the spirit of giving and to add cheer to the holiday season,

CLUBCOUTURE is granting YOUR wishes every week till Christmas!

all you have to do is to put together a wish list of YOUR favourite pieces, and send them off to and YOU could win a spanking new wardrobe worth up to $100!

click here for full details!

if you’re stumped by all the pretty clothes and don’t know where to start, here are just SOME of my favourites fromCLUBCOUTURE’S DEBUT COLLECTION, LONDON CALLING :

so start compiling those wishlists and keep wishing! 2010 is going to be absolutely awesome! :)

love, jean

monday blues…

ben called, and he suddenly said,

“oh i’m booking out tomorrow”

i’m like, wtf?

apparently he has this specialist appointment at the jurong clinic which he totally failed to tell me about sooner… but oh well, i have a CLUBCOUTURE meeting at 3pm tomorrow to sign the ambassador contract or something…

so no ben tomorrow i guess… i’ll just wait till friday, it’s not that far away anyway right? but i need a really good huggggg. i’ve been feeling so sleepy all day, i slept quite early last night, i think? oh wait, i didn’t. *Shrugs* i did manage to finish bloggin about all the things i was supposed to blog about today…

check this out, it’s the new customisations page on :)

it’s like a summary of what’s available to be customised, the raw stuff… so it’s easier and you won’t have to snoop around all over my blog to get customisation ideas… how’s that? could always use more feedback, so if you’ve got ideas, drop me a note, anytime! :)

oh well, been baby sitting yesterday and today… my brother-in-law’s dad has been hospitalised so the kids have been left to us… kids sure drain your energy… you have to play with them constantly, they’re just so hyper-active! and then putting them to bed isn’t exactly easy too… they don’t fall asleep like us, they need to be pat to sleep…

i’m waiting for ben to call back now, he’s gone for some rehearsal thing… grrrrrr

i’m so sleeping early tonight…

… Looks to Love

i’m totally in love with CLUBCOUTURE’S latest arrivals.

in fact, i just ordered this :

Picture 20

it’s not just your normal tube dress

i love the “obi waist”! plus it’s runched in the back so i’m hoping it’s gonna be a great fit for my tiny frame. am expecting it to arrive today hopefully so i can wear this to butter tomorrow? i have my fingers crossed!

Ordering from CLUBCOUTURE?

don’t forget to enter “JEANINE15” at checkout to enjoy 15% off your order!

good thursday everyone!


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