Decked in White.

Random OOTDs from the past week, just two to be exact.


Of lace, sequins, and Philip Gogo’s swallow necklace from ASOS.

Sequined throw over from Miss Selfridge, lace dress from ClubCouture.


Christmas day OOTD.

I had totally forgotten about this gorgeous Miu Miu-inspired clutch I got over a year ago while I was sorting out my stuff the other day, I know, how could I forget I have such a pretty bag? Paired it with a “vintage”, well, hand me down white bodycon dress that belonged to my sister, and my Marc Jacobs time piece. I’m still trying to grow into the dress tho, it’s still a tad loose for me since I’ve been losing weight more so than putting on any kilos at all, but classy, definitely.


I reckon a haircut is in order, it’s already grown to my hip level. Oh the horror.

I’m still trying to convince myself I deserve another day or two of rest before I dive head on into work, and I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten my scheduler for 2013! There’s so much I want to do in the new year, although I have yet to solidify my new year’s resolutions, (like anyone really sticks to them anyway) I definitely need to get my life back on track once and for all. Let’s just say 2012 turned out to be a lot less than pleasant; sure there were good times, but still not enough to equal out the bad. :/

Oh wells, I’m gonna try to start with one resolution tonight, and that’s being in bed before 1am. Read about my christmas bakes soon!

Merry Christmas everyone! ♥ xx

happy holidays with love.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone’s having a great Christmas so far. Mine’s been nothing short of amazing, thanks to my dearest family and of course, Robin! :)

I will definitely blog more about Christmas but for now, I’ll leave you with a photo of my first attempt at egg nog. (Which actually turned out pretty well.)

Since it’s already the 26th, Happy Boxing Day! xx

From Home with ♡

Everyone seems to be going for florals these days! The flowers are inspired by my Juicy Couture wallet which I will soon have to replace cos it’s getting kinda… worn out… :(

This one is a gift from Madeline to her friend Eileen who is studying overseas…

Did a simple postcard design on the front with the name “Eileen” embroided on it. The stamp is also customised! Hope Eileen will like this Madeline! :)

It’s Fridayyyyy! What’s everyone up to today? I’m still having second thoughts about heading out cos of the amount of stuff I’m supposed to finish this week… We’ll see how that goes!

Christmas is now under a month away!

Please send in your customisations requests for Christmas in advance to avoid disappointment closer to the date. It’ll also allow me to put more time and ♡ into creating your gifts :)

Last minute shopping isn’t exactly very effective, it’s actually pretty stressful! Give your loved ones something special, let me add a personal touch to your gifts this Christmas :)

Anyways, it’s not 154am, I’m trying to meet my 2am bedtime! Good night ya’ll!

♥ jean

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