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Picture this… It’s the weekend and it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun, but for some reason you can’t get out of bed. Your friends call and you spin a little white lie… “I can’t! Something cropped up last minute, I’m sorry but I have to take a rain check, I’ll catch up with you girls soon.” Sounds familiar?

In actual fact, you’re lying in bed cringing and curled up like a ball no thanks to the monthly, dreaded cramps. OUCH. It’s a known problem amongst us girls, but some have it worse than others; I’m one of the lucky ones that usually just gets away with first day backaches. I know lots of girls who get really badly affected by period cramps, but, it’s not the end of the world, and there are things you can do to relief the discomfort.

Good news girls! ChocoMarvel to the rescue!

When I received this, it was like a box of joy had arrived. The packaging is really girly, eye-catching and unique, thumbs up to whoever designed the packaging, the little cutout window detail is really cute, it somewhat creates a picture of calm. Ommmmmmm

So what exactly does ChocoMarvel do?

I was a little skeptical about what it would taste like. Honestly, you’d think something that could do all of the above can’t possibly taste very pleasant, right?

Very wrong!

When I opened my first sachet, at first whiff, it smelt quite a bit like Milo. No, it doesn’t taste like Milo. It’s chocolate-y, for sure, but not overly rich; ChocoMarvel is low fat, by the way, so don’t go guilt-trippin’, it’s not going to make you fat. It’s got a subtle herb after taste but, I say but, if someone like me who cannot stand anything herbal, this is nothing to worry about. :D

So, does it work? Yes, it does.

I’m not saying it works just for the sake of blogging, it really does. It actually slipped my mind that I was having my period cos I didn’t feel any pain at all. I have however, already been taking evening primrose capsules everday; but ChocoMarvel definitely further alleviated the menstrual “symptoms”.

ChocoMarvel retails at $19.90 for a box of 8 sachets at Guardian, Watsons & Unity pharmacies. Twin packs are also available at John Little, OG & Robinsons for $36.90.

For more information & to redeem your free ChocoMarvel samples, check out their website here where you will find not just information on the product but also very useful health tips! ChocoMarvel is also on Facebook!

Don’t let your period cramp up your style! Drink to comfort with ChocoMarvel! ♥

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