okay so i was Chic Girl of the week, and my photo made it to the latest issue of CHIC, along with the first 13 Chic Girls of the day!

page 80! :)

this isn’t a good photo… please go grab a copy, it’s only $2.80!

that photo was taken last year, and i have changed since then! well, my hair at least…

random ootd.

it’s from cotton on by the way. i shop for practically everything there. totally love it. i get tank tops for like $5 each when they’re on sale! talk about great deals! xx

addicted to florals…


yuppppp i sewed yet another one today… this one is a rich mix of cream, beige and browns… so lux! i think i should sew a different color combi everyday? if time allows that is… these sure are time consuming to put together!

(sorry if the photos aren’t up to par. i’m using my dad’s laptop and the colors are really different from my mac. sigh…)

ps : i just got word from the editor of CHIC, Donna Tang that there’ll be a little blurB with my photo in the next issue of CHIC!






thanks to all 158 of you for your votes, i’ve been “crowned” CHIC GIRL OF THE WEEK!

looks like 2010 has kicked off well, it’s only the third week of Jan!

thank you all again, and stick around for more!

ps : i’ll be bringing home my new bunny later today… everyone get ready to meet Baileys! :)

( he’s a lionhead rabbit! )

love, jean

I need your "LIKES"

i was nominated as CHIC Girl of The Day on 9th January, and am now in the running to be CHIC’S Girl of The Week!

It was a pleasant surprise to be nominated, never expected anything like that, but since I’ve been nominated,

i will treasure this once in a lifetime experience! :)

click “like” on my photo in the facebook album to vote for me! it’ll only take a minute!

( click here to go to my photo )

if there’s no “like” option, it’s because you need to become a fan of CHIC MAGAZINE first!

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Voting ends this Sunday, 17th January at 9pm!

thank you to all who have already voted, and for those who are clicking on the links now, thank you in advance!

my fate lies in your hands! so let’s see how far everyone takes me…

love, jean

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