Stuff my stockings with cosies!

Christmas is coming and if you’re looking for gifts to give, which I’m sure you are, why not give a cosy? You can’t go wrong with these cos everyone has a phone. Girls especially like carrying stuff in style, that also includes their phones. So she’s got the latest iPhone, get her a pretty cosy to keep it snuggly! :)The poppy field series!

These are card cosies, which can only be custom made to fit any phone model. See these and other cosies in store now! Pssttt! Lots of designs reduced to clear! xx

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Fruitful Saturday! : )

i know i went missing for a bit, i’ve been so busy the past week! but i finally managed to sit down and more customisations completed…

sorry for taking so long girls!

pair of keyrings for Evangeline :)

and a customised card holder for Biyun!

hope you girls will love your customisations! :)

love, jean

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