yesterday was sunday.

Some random snaps from my new camera as you can see. very happy with it so far, the halloween photos turned out pretty awesome. These were shot with the toy camera filter. (my favourite!) It’s the Canon Powershot A3300 IS by the way, I got it for $239 from Parisilk Store.

It’s the last day of october ya’ll. tomorrow would mark the beginning of the last two months of 2011. geeeeee, time is really flying pretty quick huh? xx


j'ai besoin…

THIS. Pronto.

Is anyone using this model? I’ve been “camera-surfing” online and I keep coming back to this cos it’s got pretty much all I need and I guess $300 is okay for something I NEED. My sister had an Ixus and for some reason I hated using it, I guess I’m just bound to PowerShots.

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