The World Through A New Lens.

I’ve been wanting to get a camera “upgrade” for the longest time. I’ve used two Canon cameras consecutively, but since I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 over a year ago, my 16 megapixel Canon digital camera seemed to fail in comparison to the S3’s 8 megapixel camera.

After much consideration and bouncing between Samsung’s WB800 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera for weeks, I finally picked my new photo companion, the Samsung Galaxy Camera! If you’re considering getting one too, perhaps this post will give you an idea of what you’re getting. I am very glad I picked the Galaxy camera, I’m looking for every opportunity to whip it out and snap away!


( Shot indoors at night, edited with PhotoWonder, saved as medium .png file )

I was excited about the “Beauty Face” mode but now I’m not too sure, mainly because it airbrushes your face a wee bit too much. If you’re looking for a more natural way to even out your facial flaws, you might want to shoot on normal mode and do edits later. PhotoWonder lets you choose different levels of smoothing out flaws, and it packs quite a few awesome filters too. I was about to complain about it reducing my file sizes and image quality so drastically BUT! I just realised that there are actually file-saving options, between saving as .png or .jpg and from small to x-large files. I’m not sure if it would work for edits or only photos taken with PhotoWonder’s filter camera so I definitely need to find time to figure it out.


( Image quality after going through PhotoWonder edits and upload to Instagram )

The day after I got the camera I went outside to take some photos of some of the pretty flowers Mummy has. If I remember correctly, I used the Smart Macro and Landscape modes for these shots, they need no editing whatsoever, I’ve only cropped and downsized them for uploading purposes. Enjoy! :)


A close up of a bunch of Hydrangeas, aren’t they just lovely?


These are just budding and they look so pretty!


Bougainvilleas got caught in between the Hydrangeas.



Spotted this little butterfly outside the study window yesterday so I grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots. These were all taken with at least 4-5x zoom and they still came out great! I cropped the photo above to focus more on the butterfly, the photo below gives you a good gauge of just how much I cropped off.



There were two! I tried to capture a slow motion video but they didn’t stay around long enough, maybe next time! xx

OuterEdit’s Flora & Fauna Collab – It’s time to heart!

I should be introducing you to OuterEdit proper, but the clock is ticking on the voting round of the Flora & Fauna Collab so I’m going to skip the formalities! (For now)

Over 20 designs have emerged over 10 days of hard work, and after going through edits amongst the 5 participating artists, the ball is now in YOUR court! YUP! You (the public) determines the fate of these 20+ works! Pretty heavy responsibility if you ask me, technically you help decide what people will buy!

Here are some of my favourites! “Heart” them to make sure they make it to the top 5!

Voting closes Monday 22nd October 11am, so make sure you pick your favourites early!

I’ll introduce you to OuterEdit proper after I find time to pop in to their humble retail space at 30 Niven Road (Singapore)!

Happy “♥-ing”, and have a smashin’ weekend!

in the garden…


i used this flower clip in TCL’s collection 18 shoot but we didn’t really get a really good shot of it, so i figured i’ll use it for collection 19’s shoot on monday since there’s this floral dress that would go really well with the clip…

so check back for that soon yes?

(okay maybe not so soon. like next week.)


a new bracelet i just made yesterday! :)

i think it’s uber pretty! great for weekends yet simple enough for weekdays in the office!

in the garden with butterflies S$24

length adjustable up to 7.2 inches


and while i was at it, i made a new necklace along the same line… more butterflies!

the secret butterfly $27

two butterflies, one silver and one brass. and two keys in both tones.

28 inch chain // this one is exclusive cos i only have one of the vintage brass key.


this is why…

i hate taking photos at night…


i just made this necklace… i’m so psyched i wanna put it on the web… i even tried to shoot using different backgrounds! but the photos aren’t doing the necklace any justice whatsoever… i’m just gonna have to wait for the sunlight to shine again… grrrrrr. i give up on night light.

but then again, could it be just me and the mind set i have that photos just don’t come out good at night?

how many blog posts have i posted today? gosh. i’m becoming a blog-addict.

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