Don't start something you can't finish.

It’s been a hectic weekend to say the least. Was at a fashion show at Avalon on Friday and ended up going to Mink/Royal Room at Pan Pacific Hotel. Saturday night marked the official launch of YSPWSR nights at The Butter Factory! I’ll update with photos when I get hold of them but for now, here’s something from Saturday…

With Tramaine & Robin.

So, Tramaine uploaded this to Facebook and a friend of Robin’s commented “Bauer sucht Frau, season vier”, which in german is supposed to mean “Farmer looking for wife”. Thought it was funny and since I haven’t blogged in a couple of days, this should get things rolling again.

PS : The cat brooch I’m wearing is available for purchase in store! xx


kokon to zai, i'm in love.

a month ago i did the Kokon To Zai AW/11 showcase at butter!

yea see this is what i meant when i said i’m getting really bad at keeping up with my blog posts… there’s just been wayyyyy too much going on in my life recently. haaaa i’m not really complaining tho, it’s always good to keep busy! i had a blast doing the show! altho the multiple fitting sessions and a whole day of rehearsals really took up practically a week of my time, the experience was well worth it. :)


with Sasha the designer.

here’s the funny thing, the skirt i was wearing isn’t actually that short, it’s actually meant to fall below the knee, BUT! the whole thing is made of PVC, and with that length, i could barely walk, not to mention climb up the podium during the walk.. so we ended up pulling the skirt right up to my boobs and i had to wear my bra over it just to keep it in place. (too much info?)

photos of the other outfits!


i really ♥ this jacket! but i can’t possibly wear it in singapore :(

i didn’t get many photos in my camera that night tho… i couldn’t go out to get the camera for backstage shots after the walk and during the walk ed ended up taking photos of random big butts! hahaha but it’s okayyyy :P

bobby, ed, ritz, & clara!

 thanks for coming darlingsss! even tho it was a weekday..

….my life just wouldn’t be the same without you :)


okay so i was Chic Girl of the week, and my photo made it to the latest issue of CHIC, along with the first 13 Chic Girls of the day!

page 80! :)

this isn’t a good photo… please go grab a copy, it’s only $2.80!

that photo was taken last year, and i have changed since then! well, my hair at least…

random ootd.

it’s from cotton on by the way. i shop for practically everything there. totally love it. i get tank tops for like $5 each when they’re on sale! talk about great deals! xx

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